Monday, September 10, 2012

Tutorial: How to make a fabric placemat

So recently we bought Dexter some placemats that were made out of laminateish material and were just not good quality. Frankly they were pieces of crap. When I tried to wash them by hand in the sink they would get water on the inside. after about 4 times of use it fell apart. So I decided to just make my own. I was not about to spend $10 on 4 kid fabric ones. Plus this way I got to choose the fabrics myself!
This is a really easy and cheap craft. It took me about about an hour to make 5 and it only cost about $1 each to make them. I used flannel but you can use any material you like, the more absorbent the better in my opinion.

1 yard of material
sewing machine

Step 1.
cut out your material into your desired size, for mine I wanted to make them bigger because I have a very messy child. I made mine 18 inches by 13 inches. You will need two of the same sized pieces so make sure you cut out even amounts. So out of 1 yard I was able to make 3 finished placemats and I had material left over.

Step 2.
With right sides together iron your material so that there are no wrinkles.
Step 3
Sew around the edges leaving room to turn it inside out. When you are done cut a line near the point of the corners so it will be more pointy.
Step 4
Turn it inside out through the hole you left, and poke the  corners out to make them look nicer. I do this with a pencil.
Step 5
Fold the fabric under and iron the opening that you turned the fabric through shut.
Step 6

Sew around the edges making sure you sew it shut. I used my presser foot as a guide, and make a really close seam.
Step 7 (optional)
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Sew around the material again at 5/8 to make it look nicer and to make the fabric less likely to slide and bunch when you wash it.

That’s it! Now you have beautiful new placemats! Now go cook something delicious and spill all over it!


  1. Great tutorial! Thanks for linking up in the hump day hop!

  2. Oh I love them where did you find Peace signs and moneys all in one?? I so have to find me some material like that I just got a set of cups with them peace signs but i love monkeys that material is PERFECT!!!

    1. I got it at Joann's not to long ago! I bought it in the store, I don't see it on their website anymore.