Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cheesecakes and play dates!


The past few weeks have been crazy around here! With Dexter really getting on the move it seems like I am pooped every night! Like I am tonight so please excuse my ramblings but I feel like we need to give everyone an update of our exciting lives!

We have had a lot of fun days though. Recently Dex and I went to the zoo with our friends Gunner and Steff. Dexter absolutely loved it! He got to sit under where the penguins swim with Gunner and they swam over their heads. I think he could have stayed there for hours if we would have let them! He also really liked the Apes (I think that’s what they were) There was a mama ape picking ticks off the baby ape and he just thought it was sooo funny! He was laughing at them for a while, squirming to get out of my arms to go join them. Where was the dad Ape you might ask, he was asleep next to the mom and baby of course! That made me laugh. I can not wait to take him back again. Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures.

We have been able to do a lot of stuff together now that I am not working. Although some times it would be really nice to talk to some adults and get paid for all the work I do I realize how blessed I am to be able to stay home with my son! Lately we have been able to have lots of play date with Steff and Gunner, and the boys are becoming quite the little buddies! I have pictures to follow but I think these two are really cute in my own, non biased, opinion! We have also been going to story time every Wednesday and Dexter is starting to adventure out and crawl around the circle! Makes for a busy mom but its cute. All the little girls love him too! They always come over to pet him. lol. We also were able to have a cloth diapering class/play date at my house recently. It was nice to meet other cloth diapering mamas! Being as though we seem to be our own breed. lol!

In other happenings I also moved out table out of the dinning room so that Dexter could have his own play room and my living room would stop looking like a mess everyday! Now his mess is being contained to mostly one room, but sometimes it drifts. Why do I feel like slowly he is taking over my house?? The play room is where the dining room use to be, right next to the kitchen. So now he does this thing where he will be playing with me but if I get up or turn around he will crawl as fast as he can to get into the kitchen! Then while he is in the doorway he always sits down, turns around and looks at me with this “come get me!” grin! It is so cute, but I think he knows he isn't supposed to be playing in the kitchen so I try not to laugh at him to much. Well that was until we put up the baby gate on Saturday so now he just crawls to the baby gate, pulls himself up and peeks through it! Still just as adorable.

Speaking of last Saturday, I tried my hand at making cheesecake! Lets just say that didn’t go so well. The first one I made I  burnt because I thought it wasn’t done, then the second one I also thought it wasn’t done so I mixed the topping in with the rest of the cheesecake out of frustration, went to the store and bought a desert! I was making them for a friends party. Well when I got home after they had been sitting on the counter for 2 hours they were nice and firm!! Turns out when cheesecake is cooked, it just looks un-done! So they both taste good but aren’t pretty to look at. I just need to find someone now to pawn them off on! I do not need to eat two cheesecakes, and we all know I will if they are sitting in my fridge!

Well it is way past my bed time so here are some pictures! And a video of course!
IMG_0931 Sitting in the chair uncle Dave made him, it wasn’t as dark as it looks outside and he thinks its pretty fun to sit there and look.

IMG_0938 “oh hey mom I thought I would get into your lunch bag and get a sandwich out. I know we were going on  picnic but this seemed like more fun. I hope you don’t mind!”

IMG_0953 My favorite way to start off the morning!

IMG_0966 Gunner showing Dexter how to play the piano!!

And the video I promised:

Dancing with his Valentines day dog!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diaper Giveaway!

Hey there is a giveaway at for a free best bottom diaper! These diapers are a great all in two system!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first mothers day and Dexter’s shenanigan's!



These are the beautiful flowers my amazing husband got me!


These are the beautiful flowers Robin and Steve got me!

So my first mothers day was amazing. It started off on Friday, I guess just like my birthday day I get multiple days for mothers day too! Lucky me. So on Friday I got a nice surprise from the florist I got flowers from Robin and Steve! It was a nice way to start off the day and weekend. Then Friday night Dexter decided to sleep through the night! He is such a sweetie. Saturday I went and got my hair and nails done at On the Green, and when I got done they told me that the owner had comp'd the services and they were FREE! I don’t know how they knew that was my favorite price! When I got home we went to the church’s Spaghetti dinner and it was really fun. Saturday night Dex decided not to sleep through the night, but Phillip got up with him EVERY time! So I got two nights of sleep!! Sunday Dex slept in and I woke up to the flowers Phillip got me and a very sweet card. So I would say my first mothers day was perfect!

Enough about me though. This week we have decided to start giving Dex “big people” food, just chopped up. So far he is loving it! I even put Green beans in his snack cup today and he ate all of them! He is getting really good at standing up and in the morning he will walk around his crib holding onto the sides! I just hope he doesn’t decide to walk anytime soon.

Well today after his nap he decided to be a little pill! Here are some photos of my maniac child!

035 Right after his nap we ate lunch, and at first he insisted that he couldn’t touch it and feed himself. So he folded his hands and let me feed him. hehehe it was pretty cute.

036 That didn’t last long though. He soon got enough courage to fling the food around, not eat it though.

037 He almost got it but was holding the spoon the wrong way. When I took the spoon away he started crying and slapping his food. Then decided he didn’t want to eat anymore!

What do you do with a messy baby who has decided he only wants to eat half his lunch??

038 Throw him in the bathtub!  He enjoyed this for a little while until it was time to get out!

040 So after I got him out of the bath tub, which involved more crying this is what happened. Yes he is naked. He crawled away from me before I got his clothes on and grabbed the first thing he could and threw everything that was in it on the floor! It was a little funny and he wasn’t crying anymore so I let him play.

042 Apparently all he wanted today was to run around naked because after this I re-warmed up his lunch and put his diaper on him and he was a happy camper!

045 At least for a few hours… then there was more crying. (O: but he is asleep now! So it is all okay. I had a smoothie and it made it all seem better.

Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure:

Sgetti is nummy numms
Dancing baby!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The many adventures of Dexter

This is how I feel about not posting in so long!056

Dexter is much better than me about showing his emotions! hehe. He recently inherited a walker from his Aunt Taylor and he got it stuck in the door way. He thought it was pretty funny and I couldn’t resist taking a picture, he made this pose all on his own! He really is the cutest kid in the world!!

So lately we have been busy. That is an understatement. but I am sorry I have not been keeping you up to date on our oh so very exciting lives!

Today is August 1st, in 26 days my little man will be 1 year old. I can not believe it. Its hard for me to imagine just how small he was! But I have pictures that prove he once wasn’t so big and didn’t always know how to crawl and hide in the cabinets! He would be better at hiding if he didn’t take everything out first of course but lets just not tell him that! Don’t be to afraid though he is only allowed in the tuppawear cabinet the rest are locked. This month we are preparing for his birthday party! It is official, I have become one of those moms that for so long I thought were ridiculous and well quite frankly stupid. I am about to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on his birthday. one he will never remember but at last I can not stop myself. It will be puppy themed and I even have a friend who might be able to bring over her dog! Me and her are even going to Joann’s and Hobby Lobby this week to buy stuff for decorations. I wonder if I could make him a puppy costume.. hmmmmmm.

Well in other non birthday related news Dexter is pretty much sleeping through the night! Except last night but there was a big storm and he was scared. So we let him sleep in the middle! We are also re painting our office so when people come over to buy diapers it isn’t quite so messy and non professional looking. And I just really like color!

I hate to say it but that is about all that is interesting in our lives right now! But I will leave you with some pictures!

Where has Dexter been you ask..

064 067074In the cabinets of course!!

036 Helping mommy coupon shop!

063 Re-arranging movies!

032 Taking out the trash? IDK he has coupons stuck to his but. I can see this one going on the wall when he’s 15 and being well 15! LOL

No new videos this time! Sorry!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I really could of used some help..

Sometimes I just have to laugh at my poor husband. This was one of those times.

It had been a long week and was finally Saturday, my husbands diaper duty day, my favorite day of the week. While we were out searching for a new folding table my son who was six months old was happily playing in a box in the cart. I’m sure the other mothers in the store must have thought I was crazy for sticking him in a box in the cart but hey it made him happy! We were almost done with our trip when I picked him and realized his diaper looked “full”. I turned to my husband and just simply handed Dexter to him.

My husband reluctantly agreed to change and took the diaper bag and off they went to the bathroom for a fresh diaper. While I shopped in quite.

After about 15 minutes I started to make my way to the front of the store, a little worried. There was no sign of them, for another five minutes. When they finally appeared my son was only wearing a shirt. How could this be? I packed an extra outfit.

I immediately notice my husbands face or pure daddy horror and frustration. I tried to hold in my laughter as he told me what happened.

“I went to go change him but I had no where to put him while I looked through the diaper bag for wipes, a changing pad, and a new diaper. So I didn’t get out the changing pad and after I took of the diaper a little turd rolled onto the floor before I could put it in the toilet so I started to change him and he peed everywhere before I could even get a new diaper on him.

I just really could have used some help.”

Has something like this ever happened to you?