Friday, August 31, 2012

A more fun mom.

This week my primary focus has been on being a more fun mom to Dexter. I constantly feel guilty for not doing enough stuff with him a lone. I feel guilty because Max cries all day every day. I kid you not, if I am not holding him he is screaming. He screams at night if I am not holding him. So I feel like I am exhausted just by the time Dexter man wakes up. I feel like I am constantly taking my frustration with being screamed at by max on Dexter. I am short tempered with him and when he won’t listen to me I get so annoyed. Everyone knows how it feels to be ignored by an adult when they get distracted, but being ignored by a child who won’t even look at you when you are talking to them is worse. At least in my opinion.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Newborn diapers comparison.

So everyone is always asking me, what is the best diaper for a newborn that will last the longest? Well every baby is different and honestly you are doing pretty good if your baby fits in them for more than 3 months. Most will only fit about two months. The diapers I like best are mini one size diapers. The fit longer and you can stuff them with more things because there is more room in the pockets. But why take my advice when you can just look at Max’s cute fluffy bum!?
Pictures and comparisons after the Jump.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working out one month and one week.

This week I gave up soda which was way hard. It has gotten easier now though. The boys were such a mess last week. I swear. All week all I heard from Dexter was “I wanna go to Great Grandmas house!!” So it was very difficult to take all that whining and not drink a soda. I did have one on Saturday. But hey I am not going to never drink/eat things I like just so I can one day be skinny again!
So last week I went to the gym 4 days and walked around the neighborhood 2 days. I really tried hard. And on Friday when I looked at the scale and still no change I was pissed! So Saturday I ate a lot less than normal and Sunday I had a carnation instant breakfast drink for breakfast and lunch. I snacked on veggies and for dinner we went to a friends house and I ate pretty healthy. I guess it worked because at the end of today I got on the scale and I have officially lost weight!! 5lbs!! I did the same thing today. But we did goto Chick-Fil-A for dinner for Dexters birthday.
So only 5 more pounds and I get to go buy new shoes!! I sure do hope it is soon.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pfister Faucet Corrosion

The kitchen faucet has been showing bare copper and green corrosion on the side of the spout for a little while, but now water sprays out the side! It corroded all the way through. Thankfully, I keep all kinds of warranty information and receipts, despite Megan's jabs about it. (Megan would like everyone to know I do not "jab" him about the receipts and warranties, its the ridiculous collection of boxes he keeps!!)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dexter’s train party.

Dexter is not two yet, but we have already had a birthday party for him. We decided to go up to Moms’ lake house for the weekend. Then have the party at Gamma’s house. He really loves trains this year so that was our theme. He originally wanted Spiderman but it was to grown up for him and made me sad so I showed him pictures of Thomas train and he changed his mind. I am not ever really sure how he knows about these characters. We don’t have cable and I don’t let him watch TV. Crazy I know, I let my kids play outside instead of sitting in front of the TV all day.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby hawk carrier review.

I love baby wearing. I love toddler wearing.  I would probably try to carry my husband on my back if I could. I have about 5 carriers. But in my opinion you can always use more.  I bought my baby hawk carrier while I was still pregnant with Max because I wanted to find something that was more comfortable for carrying Dexter. And something with a little more adjustability while I was pregnant. I also wanted a carrier that my husband could wear. And that is just what I got with this carrier.
I bought my carrier from an online shop The owner, Billie, was so nice. She helped me pick out a great carrier that would work for what I wanted. I didn’t have my credit card on me but I asked her to call me back in about an hour and I would give it to her. I am really bad about calling people. She was glad to do this and did not think I was being obnoxious so that was great! Sometimes I feel like I am being such a pain in the butt to people. But she was really nice about it. After I bought it she even sent my a receipt to my phone! I got the carrier two days later. Which means that she must have shipped it the same day we were talking!
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Monday, August 20, 2012

One month of working out.

So I have officially been working out for one month. I did it! I really thought I would give up by now but I have not. So yay go me!
This last weekend was crazy with Dexter's birthday party. I only made it to the gym 3 times. I did 1 hour of elliptical and 30 minutes strength training. Did not change my diet any.
So far my weight loss has been 0lbs. :O( I am so ready to give up.
This week I am giving up all sodas and fruit juices only water till I lose something. ANYTHING!! Hopefully it will be this week.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hoover Max extract 77

For a long time we have needed a carpet cleaner. I would say we have needed on since Dexter started walking. hmm coincidence? I think not. Well I shopped around for one for about two months. Mostly I was waiting on Phillip to say we had enough money to get one. Well finally he said we could get one and I had already decided on the Max extract 77. I decided to buy is directly from the manufacturer and buy a refurbished one so we could save some money and get a good product still. I have bought a lot of things refurbished so I really was not worried. I knew what I was getting into. Usually the products work great but are not packaged as fancy. They are usually also cleaned well so they look new.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

The original Swaddle me wrap from Summer review

Let me start off by saying Max loves to be wrapped up. It is the sure fire way to get him to calm down. When ever he is fussing we just swaddle him and immediately he calms down. Don’t get me wrong, he still needs to be held and he does still fuss. But it always helps to swaddle him and he falls asleep much faster all bundled up.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pennant banner tutorial!

For Dexter’s second birthday I really wanted to make him a pennant banner. I looked on pintrest and on Google but could only find one! It wasn’t exactly what I wanted and used way more fabric than I needed. But here is that tutorial. So I just looked at some pictures of them and decided that I could do it all on my own! I am venturing out like crazy now, sewing triangles onto bias tape without any instructions. Haha
Well just incase anyone else needs some help getting started here is what I did.
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Work out week 4

I have been working out for about 4-5 days every week for three weeks now! I have a lot more energy and less stress BUT I still have not lost any weight!! I am so fed up. I have made healthy changes to my diet I have only been snacking on vegetables and fruits. I have not been eating fast food. I have been eating gross whole wheat pasta when we have pasta and still nothing! I made cup cakes and even sent them with Phill to work because I didn't want to eat them all. UGH.
A lot of what I have been reading online says stress will make it harder to lose weight so I guess I should just give my kids away for a few weeks so I can lose weight! haha. Not really I love them.
So this week I stayed at the gym for 1.5 hours 4 days, went on a walk outside. Did mostly the elliptical burned 600 calories. Then did more arm exercises. I have fat arms and am tired of looking at them that why I do that so much and not legs.
This weekend we are going out of town so I will just do my best not to over eat. No cut backs this week.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Phil vs. Dishwasher

It was a stressful day for both of us yesterday, then the dishwasher broke! We ran a cleaning cycle overnight, but water never came in. The heated dry feature baked old food onto everything, gross! Turns out it was just a float switch inside the dishwasher (that little white cylinder in the front left corner, usually).

It senses when the water level gets high and turns off the water supply valve. So if it gets stuck, it won't let any water come in. Apparently, it is a common problem, but easy to fix.

I removed the screw and cylindrical cap, and made sure the float could move up and down easily. After putting it back together, it worked!

Phil 1 vs. Dishwasher 0

We have a GE QuietPower 3. It's a decent dishwasher, very quiet. Ever since we installed the water softener, it cleans okay. Sometimes there is gritty stuff stuck to the cups and bowls; we haven't completely figured that one out yet, but its only things on the top shelf. We may be asking it to do more than it can handle.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Work out week 3

Still have not gotten new shoes. I have decided I will get a pair when I lose 5 lbs. It will be my reward. I also realized I need new clothes. All the other girls there look so cute, I just look like a frumpy gross mom. Its so hard to dress cute all the time when you are constantly running out the door, getting peed on, spit up on, and just trying to stay sane!
So week two- stayed 1 hour 5 days burned 550 calories every day, also started doing arm workouts. I did them 3 days this week. I also went for a walk on Saturday around the neighborhood with the kids. Its about 3 miles if you walk around the whole thing.
Weight loss- 0lbs. Really getting discouraged. But I need to stay focused. This week I am going to give up all  restaurants during the week. I hope I see some results soon!!