Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jack and Lily shoes review

Recently I was sent a super adorable pair of shoes to review for Max. I love these shoes so much!  I chose the wide strap brown and green pair.

Let me tell you they are just as cute in person as they look online. Usually I am really hesitant to buy the  boys and clothes or shoes online because sizes change so much for kids. It all depends on the brand, for example for Dexter he wears shorts that are 18 months to 2 t just depending on the brand! So when I thought about buying their shoes online I was so hesitant! One thing that is so different about Jack and Lily shoes is their website. It is easy to use, and has so much helpful information to make sure you get the right size! 
Max was right between two shoe sizes so I went with the bigger size, they are a tad big but will fit soon enough. The shoes are so soft to. My Shoes are hand-crafted with breathable, premium leather and our signature durable, soft, flexible, rubber sole. Additional features include suede lining, 3 MM’s of cushioning for the sole and ankle. Velcro makes it easy to put on and stay on. A true soft-sole shoe that can be used outdoors or indoors. Should you order size 0-6 months the sole is made from suede with two non-slip pads to provide extra flexibility to your baby's developing feet. These shoes are perfect for new walkers! I love how flexible they are. I feel like I am not hurting his feet and they are as natural as he can be while still be protected from the harsh ground outside.
A little bit about Jack and Lily: Jack & Lily is committed to the development of high quality baby footwear. Lovingly designed with a baby’s sense of touch in mind, their footwear uses the best ‘Lamb Touch’ leather available. Jack & Lily owners have been in the leather business for 25 years and have perfected the art of sourcing out quality materials that ensure healthy and comfortable feet, while keeping up with the latest fashions. With more than 200 combinations of contemporary colors and distinct styles to choose from, Jack & Lily is proud to be providing ultra-soft, fashionable shoes for babies and toddlers throughout the world.  All of their shoes have flexible soles to allow for freedom of movement which is essential for those new walkers!  

Check out Max in his cute new shoes:

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