Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers day weekend!

As all of you should know last Sunday was mothers day. If you don't know then it was. So this year for Mothers day we decided to go surprise our moms by visiting! I mean what would be a better gift than getting to see us? yeah nothing. :O)

Okay so the weekend didn't go as planned. Since we hadn't told anyone we were coming till the day before Phillips family had already made plans and couldn't change them so unfortunately we didn't get to see them much. But we did get to finally spend some time with our Niece! We really haven't gotten to ever sit down and play with her, she doesn't know us since we are never around and when there are other people around she always wants them because she is familiar with them. So we picked her up from day care and didn't give her a choice just forced her to like us! ha! It worked too. It was so great getting to play with her and watching her play with the boys!
The rest of the weekend we spent with my parents. It was a lot of fun. I love watching my parents and Niece (on my side) play with the boys! Living far from family is hard for me, I always feel like the boys are going to not recognize my family or we will start to become just birthday and Christmas family. Which is something I try really hard not to let happen but this year it has been that way. So this extra trip home was really nice. Also my parents watched the boys so the hubby and I could go out on a date, first time in 5 months!
Mothers day was great too, my hunny made me breakfast in bed and surprised me with a few gifts :O). Dexter and Max were extra sweet too. After we drove home we took the boys to the park and did nothing the rest of the day! It was perfect!
I hope everyone else had as good of a mothers day as I did!

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