Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wantable make up or Jewelry subscription box is a very fun and exciting monthly subscription box, Wantable gives you the option of subscribing at $36/month or just buying the single box at $40. This is great if you are just wanting to try it out before committing  But when you do subscribe, months can be skipped or cancelled at any time, no strings attached! How great is that! I know our budget isn't always perfect and some months I would need to skip but the next month I would love to pick up where I was! Without any penalty.

They have an easy and fast style quiz that you take prior to ordering your box that helps them determine which products would fit you best. I already took the quiz, and I loved that they had pictures of each item, and then went into further detail. I opted for the jewelry box. When I took the quiz I loved all the pictures. A question would ask if I liked earrings, when I said yes it would show me several different earrings and I would rate them Love, Like, or dislike. That was great, then after I picked a few that I liked it broke it down even further for example it had colors, sizes, and material. I am so confident that this box is going to be perfect for me! 
Also each box is guaranteed to contain at least $80 worth of product. So even though I can't so for sure how great this subscription is I have a good feeling I will love it!

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