Friday, November 9, 2012

The x factor.

So we don't watch much TV in our house, but for some reason we having been watching the X factor. I really liked it at first, but now its just making me mad! Phillip feels the same way so I know I am not being to crazy. They took all these contestants and changed them into totally different people. I mean the difference between their auditions before and after the judges house is so crazy. The first show after the judges house was so awful! None of the contestants sang songs that were good for them. Most of them looked ridiculous.  How ridiculous you ask??

CeCe Frey, okay so this one really is not bad. I liked her clothes a lot better before I thought she had a nice style and her make up was defiantly better before. Well I guess except her spots. I am not big on spots on humans.

Paige Thomas, I feel she is now way over doing it. He sound has gotten completely lost too. She was my favorite before but now I feel like she has been molded into what everyone else sounds like.
Beatrice Miller
Poor, sweet little girl. For some strange reason they decided this girl needed to wear 5000 bracelets and crimp her hair. I think her coach was missing her teenage years or something. I hope because she is so young she does not decide this is how she should dress.

Lyric 145. 
This is just hilarious to me. They went from this like thug rap group to a complete joke. I mean seriously?? Simon I think is just sitting there laughing wondering what else he can make them wear.  When will they say no?? I mean the first picture is what they were, the second is what they wore to the first show after the judges coached them. Umm clear rain coats and MC hammers wardrobe from 1993? I mean where do you even buy those clothes. I just can't imagine any of these people agreeing to this! 

This guy was the worst to me. They made him from a self respecting guy to a flamboyant train wreck. His dance and outfit were appalling  He never dressed or danced like that before! Why do they have to be so stereo typical?? 

So long story short I am never watching this show again I don't want to see what else these judges do to these impressionable people again. Am I the only one who feels like they are just going along with the judges blindly and need to stand up for themselves and say hey that is just not me! 

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