Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year came so fast! I had no time to decorate. I almost felt bad about it, but then I remembered that I am staying here for Christmas and I will get to decorate the crap out of my house!!
This year for Thanksgiving my parents,sister and niece came down for almost the whole week! It was so great having them here! I haven’t seen them since the beginning of October. I hate living so far away from them I really wish we lived closer, I really want my kids to be close to their grandparents and cousins.So I am always glad when anyone can come visit us. This year they also brought their dog. Dexter was terrified of it. I will share a picture of the ferocious beast later. Dexter was super excited to see his cousin though, he always loves playing with her and for weeks afterwards he will ask about her. I think it is so cute. She is 10 years older than him but he still loves her soooo much. And she is always so good about playing with him too. Makes me so happy!
This year my mom, niece and I went black Friday shopping too. I have to say that it is a waste of time if you are not planning on getting any big ticket items. The deals on everything else were about average and I don’t feel like I saved any more money by shopping from midnight till 3am. But I had fun and now I know! I think honestly the best part was when my niece looked at me and said “I don’t really like black Friday shopping, they don’t have out anything that you don’t normally see. This is all stuff we can always buy.” It made me think that she thought they were going to be selling spaceships or something and it made me laugh really hard. Oh the innocence of a child. I shouldn’t say child she is 12. That is another thing that bothered me though, there were so many babies out! I mean like 2 and 3 year old kids! And the parents were getting on to them about misbehaving! Umm you have your kid out shopping at 2am, of course they are acting up! What did you expect? I just didn’t get why they couldn’t find a sitter or only one parent go out. I felt so bad for those kids. I love a good deal but I love my kids not screaming at me the whole time I am shopping more. Do you take your young children black Friday shopping? Is it worth it, what is your reasoning?
We had a great time eating dinner and all, but I think the best part was the boat parade! Well I mean besides my family being here and spending time with my kids. If you have never seen a boat parade I suggest you go to one. Especially if you live near Jacksonville Florida. Its this amazing thing where about 50 boats get all decorated up in Christmas lights and boat up and down the river. It is then followed by the most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen. They light up two of the main bridges with a fireworks waterfall and they have 3 barges that are all have fireworks going off of them. Its amazing. I have been to it the 3 out of 4 Thanksgivings we have lived here. It is by far my favorite part of living in this area. In fact lately I think it is the only part of living in this area that I like. This year though Dexter decided it was to loud and him and dad went and hung out in the bathroom while it went off. If I had not been enjoying it so much I *might* have felt bad for Phillip. hehe.
That was our Thanksgiving. It was really good this year! I am so glad I got to see my family I really needed to see them. I hope next year we will get to see both sides and I will get to see my other sister.
Right before my family got there Dexter insisted on wearing this outfit. It is size 12-18 mo. He wears a 2t.

 Dexters new PJ’s from his Gamma Robin. Oh and that is the scary dog to his left

Max baby’s first thanksgiving! He got pears, apples. and sweet potatoes! Oh and milk. but he always gets milk.

My niece kissing he baby cousin Max.

Max being so stinking cute. The picture on the right is in the PJ’s his Gamma Robin gave him.

Dexter making a train out of the boxes for our decorations to go in.
So this is how wonderful my mom is. She taught my two year old to put his underwear on his head. hahahaha. He loved it.

My sister bundling up my Dexter. How many people does it take to load a stroller?

Me and my boys. I wish that I had worn make-up! This was at the boat parade. My family!

I did not get any good pictures of the boats! 

Our little family at the boat parade.  Phill, me and Emily and Max being crazy at the boat parade.

My sister pushing Dex she looked like a hobo. After we told her she went and hid in the bushes to scare my parents, but they saw her. But the couple who were walking behind them gave her the dirtiest look ever. It made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. I think you just had to be there..

Well that was our Thanksgiving! I hope everyone else had a good one! Do you have any exciting traditions?

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