Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just believe me, please.

So this past week I have been dealing with everyone disagreeing with me. I swear about everything. If I say it someone has to try to correct me. This drives me nuts! Or even when people just feel like arguing with me for no dang reason. You ask  a question and you get your head bit off. Cool it ladies, we are all just trying to make it through the day here.

I can handle it when its my two year old.

“Dex get your shoes”

“Why mommy”

“Because we are leaving”

“NO I MONSTER RAWWWWWWWWWWWR” then he runs in the other room.

I can take that. Well for the most part, by the end of the day I am less patient and its more like I start saying- CAUSE I AM MONSTER AND I SAID SO. But none the less I understand that he is figuring out everything and with that comes the need to tell me no and do things his way.

But adults? UGHHHH. If you did not just sigh, a huge sigh, you should I did. Every thing that has come out of my mouth this week someone has just argued or jumped down my throat for. I just want to scream at people JUST BELIVE ME I KNOW I AM RIGHT! But the thing about me is I don’t like to argue I just smile and say okay! Or it may not even be that I am trying to get them to believe me that the sky is blue but just asking a question and I get reprimanded. A new mom I am kinda friends with, she was the little sister of my friend, said he baby got poked at two weeks. I didn’t know if he was jaundice or getting Vaccinated so I asked, her reply “Yes he got shots, I am not opposed to immunization” I will chalk it up to no sleep but geez girl just asking a simple question. My kids are on Dr. Sears vax schedule (that is what is right for our family I don’t need opinions) so I didn’t know. Go give that baby to daddy and take a nap. Maybe I am taking everything wrong. Maybe I need to take a nap, although I went to bed at nine last night and only got woke up three times so I am pretty rested! I think everyone else is just crazy.

Do you ever have weeks like this? Or is it just me? Next person to argue with me about something stupid or jump down my throat for no reason, I am going to flip out on. Haha you better watch out.


  1. I'm having one of those weeks too. It's probably just me, but I swear everyone is snapping back or cranky or overly opinionated about everything. Hang in there! We will (probably) survive this.

  2. You were right, I was wrong. You earned that $20 we bet on. Maybe instead I should get you a shirt that says "I was right, my husband admits it!"