Monday, August 6, 2012

Work out week 3

Still have not gotten new shoes. I have decided I will get a pair when I lose 5 lbs. It will be my reward. I also realized I need new clothes. All the other girls there look so cute, I just look like a frumpy gross mom. Its so hard to dress cute all the time when you are constantly running out the door, getting peed on, spit up on, and just trying to stay sane!
So week two- stayed 1 hour 5 days burned 550 calories every day, also started doing arm workouts. I did them 3 days this week. I also went for a walk on Saturday around the neighborhood with the kids. Its about 3 miles if you walk around the whole thing.
Weight loss- 0lbs. Really getting discouraged. But I need to stay focused. This week I am going to give up all  restaurants during the week. I hope I see some results soon!!

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