Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working out one month and one week.

This week I gave up soda which was way hard. It has gotten easier now though. The boys were such a mess last week. I swear. All week all I heard from Dexter was “I wanna go to Great Grandmas house!!” So it was very difficult to take all that whining and not drink a soda. I did have one on Saturday. But hey I am not going to never drink/eat things I like just so I can one day be skinny again!
So last week I went to the gym 4 days and walked around the neighborhood 2 days. I really tried hard. And on Friday when I looked at the scale and still no change I was pissed! So Saturday I ate a lot less than normal and Sunday I had a carnation instant breakfast drink for breakfast and lunch. I snacked on veggies and for dinner we went to a friends house and I ate pretty healthy. I guess it worked because at the end of today I got on the scale and I have officially lost weight!! 5lbs!! I did the same thing today. But we did goto Chick-Fil-A for dinner for Dexters birthday.
So only 5 more pounds and I get to go buy new shoes!! I sure do hope it is soon.


  1. I 'gave up' diet dr pepper 3 weeks ago.. In that 3 weeks ive had prob 4 and every time ive regretted it but when the kids being crazy crazy i feel it helps soothe me hahaha its like my lil reward or pick me up. But I am really tring to stay away from it! Thanks so much for stopping by Monkeys & Tutus! Glad im not alone and looking forward to reading more from you!!!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by and following. My husband gave up soda about 6 weeks ago. He drank about (oh my) 1 case a week. Maybe 4 or 5 12 oz. cans a day (maybe more). All I know it was an insane amount. He stopped and it was REALLY hard the first week but it has gotten much better. I think he has lost about 10 - 12 lbs. He drank an insane amount of soda plus sweetened tea. Keep up the good work. Sounds like your doing it!!

    Julie from Stlavonlady - a cat, girl, man and me!

  3. Congrats and keep at it! You are doing wonderfully. :)

    New GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up to the Weekend Blog Walk.

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