Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby hawk carrier review.

I love baby wearing. I love toddler wearing.  I would probably try to carry my husband on my back if I could. I have about 5 carriers. But in my opinion you can always use more.  I bought my baby hawk carrier while I was still pregnant with Max because I wanted to find something that was more comfortable for carrying Dexter. And something with a little more adjustability while I was pregnant. I also wanted a carrier that my husband could wear. And that is just what I got with this carrier.
I bought my carrier from an online shop The owner, Billie, was so nice. She helped me pick out a great carrier that would work for what I wanted. I didn’t have my credit card on me but I asked her to call me back in about an hour and I would give it to her. I am really bad about calling people. She was glad to do this and did not think I was being obnoxious so that was great! Sometimes I feel like I am being such a pain in the butt to people. But she was really nice about it. After I bought it she even sent my a receipt to my phone! I got the carrier two days later. Which means that she must have shipped it the same day we were talking!
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When I got the carrier I immediately feel in love with the colors. This is probably the prettiest carrier I own.
Dexter was awake this time so after reading the instructions I put him on my back. And man it was SO comfortable!  The straps are super padded and the waist belt is also very padded. There are even adjusters on the waist so you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. Which was great while I was pregnant because my belly was so big.  I also really liked how wide it was. It easily accommodates Dexter who at the time was 18 months and just under 3 feet. Now he is 23 months, 26 lbs, and 3 feet tall and he still fits in it great. Max is 3 months, 15 lbs , 22inches So we are just now able to put him in it. It is not a great fit. I will probably not put him in it for long periods until he is closer to 20 lbs. We put my niece Avery in it and she is 6 months old and she fit in it great! She fell asleep after about 10 minutes of her daddy wearing her in there.
The only things I don’t  like about the carrier are the chest straps, and how it does not fold up to be small. It is really bulky in my diaper bag. The way the chest straps hook onto the shoulder straps is good for adjustability but they come off easily and are really hard to put back on. Other than that I love this carrier. When I know I am going to be carrying Dexter its my first choice. Or if I think I might carry both of them I usually pack it.
Over all I love this carrier!
Specifics about the carrier.
Recommended to use with 15lb to 45lb children
Does a front facing in carry
Does a back carry
For more information please visit:

Soft shoulder straps
Padded waist strap
extra adjustability on the waist
Large waist buckle makes it stronger
Easy to put on and take off.
Wide back panel
Vivid colors.
Chest straps come off easily when pulled
Adjusting the shoulder straps under my arm is hard than if I adjusted them on my back.
No pockets.
Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes!
Me wearing Dexter. I was 9 1/2 months pregnant. It was super comfortable!
Daddy wearing Dexter.
Me wearing Max. Max is 3 months and 15 lbs.
His face can get to close to the straps if I don’t watch him.
I can easily reach the chest strap when I am doing a forward carry.
I get to hold both my boys!
The waist strap adjusters that are about on your hips.
Shoulder strap buckle.
Chest strap
This is the part that can come off. They are a pain to get back on.
Waist buckle.
A clip for something.
The carrier.

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