Thursday, August 9, 2012

Phil vs. Dishwasher

It was a stressful day for both of us yesterday, then the dishwasher broke! We ran a cleaning cycle overnight, but water never came in. The heated dry feature baked old food onto everything, gross! Turns out it was just a float switch inside the dishwasher (that little white cylinder in the front left corner, usually).

It senses when the water level gets high and turns off the water supply valve. So if it gets stuck, it won't let any water come in. Apparently, it is a common problem, but easy to fix.

I removed the screw and cylindrical cap, and made sure the float could move up and down easily. After putting it back together, it worked!

Phil 1 vs. Dishwasher 0

We have a GE QuietPower 3. It's a decent dishwasher, very quiet. Ever since we installed the water softener, it cleans okay. Sometimes there is gritty stuff stuck to the cups and bowls; we haven't completely figured that one out yet, but its only things on the top shelf. We may be asking it to do more than it can handle.



  1. Gritty stuff gets on the things on my top rack when the rotating sprayer in the middle (mine's attached to the bottom of the top rack) hits something so it doesn't make a complete rotation. Usually this is because of a too tall pan in the bottom rack, a pan handle, or a spoon that has fallen in the way.

    If that helps you out, then figure this one out for me. When I installed my dishwasher, it has two screws that go into the countertop to hold it in. When the screws are installed, it will not turn on (like it's been unplugged.) Take the screws out, it works just fine. The only issue is that if both racks are out, then it tilts. lol

  2. I will have to check that out. Thanks!

    We used to have problems getting the door to shut all the way. That may be your issue too. The door would catch on the mounting screws, but I was able to fix it. Remove the small panel below the door; mine has two small hex head screws holding it in place. Then you can adjust the feet lower to give more clearance on the top. Turn the feet clockwise with a large wrench to lower the dishwasher. Mine has 4 feet; two are right up front and two are about halfway back. Give that a try.