Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dexter’s train party.

Dexter is not two yet, but we have already had a birthday party for him. We decided to go up to Moms’ lake house for the weekend. Then have the party at Gamma’s house. He really loves trains this year so that was our theme. He originally wanted Spiderman but it was to grown up for him and made me sad so I showed him pictures of Thomas train and he changed his mind. I am not ever really sure how he knows about these characters. We don’t have cable and I don’t let him watch TV. Crazy I know, I let my kids play outside instead of sitting in front of the TV all day.
Well we decided to drive up Thursday night and stay half way in Columbia SC. so that way we wouldn’t be driving all night. LOL. yeah right. It seems no matter what we do we end up getting where ever we are going way later than what we meant to. Well we didn’t end up getting to the hotel till 4 am! It was a long drive. Luckily not much crying.  When I tried to check in the guy was so confused and just kept telling me it was to early to check in, I couldn’t get him to understand that we were supposed to be checking in earlier that evening but it took us longer to get there than we thought. So I sent Phill in.
The next morning we kicked off Dexter’s birthday weekend with letting him go to the pool! He loves swimming. I really need to get him some lessons. We brought one of his pool toys and he was so excited to play with it! And Max got to try out his water sling I made him. It worked great as well. He really loved being in the water. I was not nervous at all having him in there. It felt really secure. After we left the hotel we went to cici’s Dexter's choice. We got up to Great Moms late that night and had a great dinner then went to bed.
Saturday was the day all the fun started! After Breakfast most of the Nichols family came up to the lake house. Dexter was so excited to play with Avery, the first thing he wanted to do? Hold her hand. HAHA. He is so funny! That’s all he wants to do with Max too. After he finished playing with Avery we had lunch and then it was time for his first boat ride! He was not to crazy about it. He really does not like to try new things. Then dad tried to ski and Dexter hated watching him fall down. Uncle Dave was holding him but when I saw his face I had to hold him and he just started bawling and telling me “I no like it.” We ended up going on another boat ride later that night and Dexter liked it a lot more. He even got to drive the boat! He was so serious about it too. haha His face was very serious the whole time.
Sunday was his party! He was so excited to see all his family come to his special day. He loved everything, he only had one friend his age there but he enjoyed playing with him. They got to play trains and play in the boxes. I wish I had made it more structured though. I was just letting them do whatever they wanted but since it wasn’t my house it was a little chaotic and I don’t think they had as much fun as they could of if I had done it differently. Oh well now I know and I will do better next year, although I don’t think I will ever throw a party not at our house again. It was just to stressful trying to plan something at some one else's house and trying to lug everything for it 6 hours away. It wasn’t anyone's fault I just don’t like being in control and able to set up a day in advance. But other than that it was great! Megan D and her football player baby got to come! It was so great to finally meet him! He really really is so stinkin cute. and he has the cutest little giggle. And I am not just saying that because she has been my best friend since 8th grade. He really is a cute little man. Although she can just go put him in his car seat when he falls asleep so yeah I was a little bit jealous.
He got lots of cool toys for his birthday he even got a strider bike from his aunt Lindsey and uncle Mark. He was pretty excited to get a bike! He also got big boy under wear from my mom and we have been potty training this week and it has been going great! He got so many cool things I can’t even begin to name them all. He loves everything he got too.
So overall his birthday went great! We are doing one more party here in a few weeks because I feel like He needs more friends at his birthday and really he just had a lot of adults so I feel bad about that. So that will be fun! I can’t wait. As always here are some pictures from the weekend!
Dexter and moms looking for fish before our last boat ride of the weekend.
Best part of baby wearing.

Two seconds later he was passed out.
He had a lot more fun driving the boat the second time.
Dex, Avery, and Max at his train party.
My best friend and our babies!
All the partiers.
Nate and Dex playing in the train.
Dex riding his new trike.
Dexter holding Avery's hand.

Moms taking the boys for a tractor ride. Notice Dexter is holding Max’s foot.

Daddy taking the boys for a ride.
On the boat the first time. Trying to figure it all out.
Our little family on the boat.
Uncle Dave and Dexter on the boat.
Night boat ride feeling the water.
Driving the boat.
He had to help her sit up. LOL
Teaching her how to pick on daddy.
Avery and Max’s stare down.
Gamma and Dex
Dexter watching daddy mow the lawn.


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