Monday, June 3, 2013

Once a month almost cooking.

So last month I signed up for this website to help me do my once a month cooking. After two days in the kitchen, spending $500 at the grocery store (we normally spend about $300-$400 for our family of four when I do this my way) and having hardly any meals to show for it I realized I don't do once a month cooking.
Normally it takes me about 6-8 hours one day a month and I have 20-25 meals to show for it. So needless to say I will not be doing that website again. What a waste of time and money! Not to mention the website kept flipping back and fourth between measurements. I sat in the meat isle converting things back and fourth for way to long!
So I decided to share with Y'all what I normally do.
How to prep 20 freezer meals in a few hours!

First I will tell you I have no recipies for you here, just some advice on how to make your life easier :O).
Step 1. Make a list of all the meat and vegetables you will be using.
Step 2. Get out all your 1 gallon bags, quart bags,  and whatever else you want to put meals in. 
Step 3. Place all meat that does not need to be pre-cooked in labeled bags/containers . So say you have 10 meals that call for chicken, chicken does not need to be pre-cooked so go ahead and put it in the container. If you have ground beef I always cook that before.
Step 4. Cook all meat that needs to be pre-cooked. So you have 4 recipes that call for ground beef? If it is all cooked the same way just go ahead and cook it all at once! I usually end up cooking 4/5 lbs of ground beef a month, so much easier if its all in one pan, and then I separate it out.
Step 5. put all meat in the fridge.
Step 6. Chop vegetables. If you do it all at once its so much easier!
Step 7. Get all the meat out and put your veggies in the containers with the meat.
Step 8. add whatever else the recipes call for. 
Step 9. put it in the freezer!
Then as the month goes by take one meal out a day and you will have it ready for the next day! Its super easy and saves you so much time and money!
I usually have two stacks like this for smoothies for the month.

My kids squeeze pouches for the month! I usually make around 45 they love these!!

I hope that was helpful. I will be making a recipe and FULL how-to post with step by step instructions soon! Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see! 

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