Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Car seat Pee Pee pad tutorial!

I hope I am not alone on this one... but my son (almost 3) pee's in his car seat almost once a week. I swear I take him potty before we go but almost always 5 minutes into driving I hear "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I GOTTA PEEEEEEEEEEE NOW!!!" and he means now. Usually I can stop fast enough but sometimes we just don't make it. Then I have to take apart his MASSIVE car seat for three hours, hand wash all the foam and line dry the cover. Meaning we can't leave the house the rest of the day. Or I can drive around with my car smelling like pee. Eww.  So I decided I needed a pee pad, or cover, or something. I read the manual with the car seat and since its not safe to change the cover, pad it was!
I looked online and found some, for $20- $30. That was to much for me. So I decided I could do it myself! I did, and let me tell you it was EASY. A beginner sewer can do this. I have created a tutorial for you and I hope you find it easy, if you need any help leave a question and I will get back to you!

Car Seat pee pad.

supplies you will need:

sewing machine, thread.
1/3 yard cotton or other material of choice
1/3 yard Absorbent material- I used an old towel.
1/3 yard Waterproof material - I used PUL.

Tutorial- The measurements used here are for my car seat a Recaro pro-ride.

First  measure the seat part of your car seat. Mine was 13 inches deep by 10 inches wide. Next measure how far from the front of the seat the buckle is, mine is 3 inches back.
Next cut your material, adding an inch or two to each side for extra space while sewing. 
My final measurements for the fabric I cut was 15 inches deep by 12 inches wide.
After you measure your fabric layer it all together. First your cotton with the printed side up, then your water proof material with the top side facing the print (for pul the non shiny side should be touching the print) then on top your absorbent material. 

Once your material is all pinned together measure where the middle of your fabric. Put your marking close the bottom. Then measure 3 inches up (or however far up your buckle is)  

Now draw a square with an X in it. I made mine 2 inches by 1 inch.

Go sew around all FOUR edges. yes I said FOUR.
Remember that square you drew? Cut out the X. 

Clip your corners and turn your fabric inside out through the square. 

Your pad should look something like this. I went ahead and did a top stitch around the top cause I like how it looks. Also you will have some extra fabric around the square. I cut the towel and bottom piece down to the square. Pull the top printed piece to the back of the square and sew around the edges. 

Next I made a piece to cover the buckle. It was 3 inches by 2 inches. Sew around three side and turn it right side out.

Place the little square you just made at the top of the opening and sew it down.

then TADA! you have a mat for your kid to pee all over! 

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