Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flex watch review and GIVEAWAY!

Before I tell you how amazing my new watches are I feel like it is more important to tell you how amazing the company making the watches is. Let me start by telling you their story.
"Flex is a team of like-minded individuals on a mission to create change. There are many great organizations dedicated to many great causes, but without support there is only so much they can do. This is why we created Flex Watches. Using our bright, colorful, and interchangeable watches, we can now raise awareness for multiple organizations while helping provide meals and education for children in need. Our watches don't just tell time, they tell stories." Isn't that great? Yeah I think so too. For more information about this amazing company and the charities they work with go HERE.

All Black

Well now that I got that bragging about an amazing company out of the way, I can tell you about the watches I got! In return for an honest review Flex watches sent me TWO of their watches. I got a black and a white one.
When I got the package in the mail I was so shocked with how well the ship them, they both came in plastic cases so they would not break. They also came with one extra battery each. I have been wearing the watch on and off now for about a week. Its band is made out of silicone so during the hot afternoon it does get pretty sweaty. Although it has never gotten sticky and stuck to my arm like some watches do! My black watch keeps time accurately but the white one stopped working. After I contacted the company the re-assured me this is unusual and they would have a new one out to me. I have not received the new watch face but I am sure it will be here fast. The first came within a few days!
Overall I am so pleased with this company! The shipping was fast, they have a lot of watches to choose from and most importantly the company stands for something important!
Would I recommend this brand to a friend? YES!
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Have I made you want your own?? Well good because now you have a chance to win one!

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  1. I need a watch that doesn't get sweaty. :) I'm always outside in the heat!

  2. I love their involvement in charity. The campus rep opp is really unique

  3. I really like that it supports a charity.