Thursday, January 31, 2013

We have moved!

So as many of you know we recently moved. I could not be more excited!!  We moved from Kingsland to Huntsville AL. I don’t know anyone here but hey it can’t be any worse than there! When we were talking about moving my husband said he was nervous because he had never been there and did not know what was there. All I could say was “Well I have been here and I know what’s here, so lets leave!” I loved the town I lived in. I loved how small it is, even though every time my mom visits she HAS to tell me its so “po-dunk” haha. But I think it is the perfect size. I also liked that we have a zoo close by. But that is about all I like. I have been here four years and have managed to make 3 friends that I still have. I had more but they moved. That is the number one thing I hated about there is my friends moving. I think it would be easier to explain why I hate it here with pictures so you get a real idea of what “Love town USA” really is. Do not let Oprah fool you, this place is far from Love town and the city of Royal treatment!

And while I am more than ecstatic to get rid of the gnats and overly ummm “friendly” people I really will miss some things about this place.


I will miss our first house. The home we brought both kids home to. So many great memories here! It is a little hard for me to look at our home all boxed up and to know the house I thought we would live in for at least 10 years will now be someone else’s. I really loved our home and I wish I could take it with me!



I will miss our Zoo. I love taking my boys here! It was such a close drive and we went almost every other week!


I will Miss Aunt Jen SOO much! I love her and her kids! She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. I hope one day I can be half the mom she is. She really taught me a lot while I was here. Mostly to calm down and its okay if the kids are loud! She was always ready to go to Chipotle with me when I was pregnant with Max and that is ALL I wanted! She is also the only person non immediate family I have ever left Max with!  Her girls always brought a smile to my face. They are strong fierce little girls who LOVE Max and Dex so much! Her boys were never to cool to not play with my babies and always ready to let Dexter play when they were out throwing the ball around! I really love her and her family and will miss them terribly!


I am not sure who will miss the Davis family more, me or Dexter. You see Dexter and Katey, well these two are like gasoline and fire! They just feed off each other. What do I mean? Well for example the other day at the park they both ran off well I was chasing them down they run to a baseball field, Katey holds the door open Dexter darts in and then she closes it and they try to lock me out! hahaha. They are seriously so cute together, but oh so much trouble. I will miss the whole family though, and I will really miss our play dates. Bethany is so easy to talk to and she never judges me. She knows what my house really looks like, how Dexter really acts, she has seen me nurse Max and drop food on his head (and then eat it anyways), and still she likes me! I really am going to miss her and her family!


We will also really miss game nights with the McDonald's. The family not the restaurant. Every time we have a game night it is always so much fun. I love their sense of humor. I have also loved watching their kids grow. We have known them since their youngest was about to be born and it has been so much fun watching him learn and become a toddler. I love watching Alexa play with Dexter, even though sometimes they fight like siblings, she is always so sweet to him. She really has a heart of gold and I am going to miss. I am going to miss going to Joann’s with Kara too.  We have not gone in a long time but when we use to go it was always so much fun! She didn’t care that I wanted to look at *everything*!

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