Monday, January 21, 2013


Before I write this I want all my friends to know they are more than welcome to have their kids come play with Dexter. My neighbors are more then welcome to walk down to my house and talk with me and let our kids play. Heck if you want to leave your kid here to play with Dexter while you go run errands go ahead! I do not care at all, in fact I like having kids over to play with him. With one exception, when someone just leaves their kid with me without even talking about it. Or even saying hi to me.
The other day I was coming home from the store I could tell Dexter was almost asleep. I was more than excited to go inside put him to bed and have some down time with Max in the quite. As I pulled into our driveway I noticed his friend was outside with her mom. I was really hoping he would no see her but he did. She saw him to and came running down to visit us. That was fine I thought, I would let them play for like ten minutes then we would go in and go to bed. Well the problem with this is the 3 year old girl came alone. Her mom did not come with her. Which is not un-usual for this family they let their kids run around by them self all the time. the oldest boy is in charge of the other three kids I think they are about 8, 7, 5, and 3. Which I think it is a bit much to ask your 8 year old to watch out for that many kids, and 3 year old need adult supervision but whatever parents all make different choices.
Well they start playing and I put Max in his stroller so I could clean up a bit and I look down the road and she has gone in her house! She did not bother to walk the two houses down to ask my permission to watch her kid. Just goes in, see ya later. I was ticked but I decided to just make the best of it and let them play, well 30 minutes pass and there is still no sign of her. Then comes the rest of her gang all to my house. The school bus let out and they all decided since she was over they all should be. So I have 5 kids in my garage playing when it was supposed to be nap time. She was still not out.
After a bit I notice Dexter is doing his I have to pee dance. So now I have a problem, I need to take my child in my house to go pee but there are 4 other kids in my garage and well I just don't feel safe letting them all stay there while I go inside. Someone needs to be watching these kids, a garage is not a safe place for them. Well he starts to pee so I decided I will just take him in. Max is super angry by this time because he wants to be taking a nap but I can't go put him down. So we go inside Dexter pees Max screams. I change Dexter trying to be as fast as I can I change him and we go back out. When I open the door I see that these kids have built sand castles in my driveway. And they are building more. They have dug up my yard and put dirt in my driveway. I don't know about  you but I found this UN-acceptable. I look over and the other mom is outside just sitting on a chair in her driveway!! What the hell lady!? Come over and watch YOUR kids! I told the kids they needed to clean up their mess and leave. They cleaned up about half of the dirt and left. They did not pick up any toys. I ended up watching them for over an hour!
After they left I went in and put Dexter to bed. Then me and Max went outside to put all the toys in the garage so I could close it, I got informed by the older boy that those kids like to come in our garage when we keep it open and play. Which you know if they got hurt in my garage with out any supervision or my permission that mom would be the first to sue me. The whole time I am picking toys up Max is screaming and that mom just watched. She did not tell her kids to go help me, she did not come over to help me. Just sat there and watched my clean her kids mess up with my screaming 7 month old in my arms.
 Can you imagine just letting your 3 year old walk down to someone else's house that you have never talked to? I have never had a conversation with this woman and she feels comfortable enough with me to leave her kids with me. I have a friend who lives two houses down from me and we go over to her house some days. Both my kids and I will walk over and Dexter will play with her grand daughter, we talk a lot and I have had her babysit Dexter before. But never would I let him just walk down there and expect her to watch him. I think that would be so rude!
Why do I get all the crazies?


  1. what???? oh no.. I would have told them to come back over to clean up...I don't care if they get upset with me... that is just so sad that some moms are terrible role models for their kids.

    1. I usually would ask them to help clean up but I was so angry I did not want to even bother!