Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bragging about my boys!

So I feel like I never brag about how awesome my kids are. But I think I will today. Lets start with my big guy.
That sweet guy right there is the love of my life, well one of them. He is absolutely amazing and incredible  He can already do so much it amazes me every day. He has a big opinion, about everything. He likes to tell me what to do. When he grabs my hand and says "come with me mommy" it simply melts my heart every time. He can count to ten but most times he starts at 3, 1 and 2 are un-important anyways right? He can count up to 3 objects. He talks so well sometimes I forget that he is only two.  He also knows all his colors and shapes. He is fully day time potty trained!!!! He is the best big brother, when Max cries he runs around like crazy looking for his binki to give it to him. He rubs Max's back when he is crying as well. He loves sharing his trucks with him, but gets upset when he does not play back! He is still taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day! Lately at night he comes out of his room and asks to cuddle with me, I say yes every time while Phillip rolls his eyes at us. But he hates to cuddle so much that I take what I can get!!
And then there's one of the other loves of my life. I can not believe he is already 4 months old! He talks up a storm now. Just jabbers on and on all day long. He has gotten a lot happier lately but now his teeth are coming in so he has been a drooling mess! We got his Amber beads on him now so that is helping. He also went to the chiropractor and that helped a lot, he can now look both ways! He is also rolling over! Once he gets started he wont stop. He always does the super man thing when he gets on his belly too. He has also started giggling and I love that sound. I wish I could bottle it up. He does this thing now when he is nursing where he stops and just looks up and me and smiles and I can't take it, its so cute!! 

Well those are my amazing kids. I love them!

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  1. what handsome and intelligent little men you have there. Beautiful job mommy.