Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines day is for girls.

Every year since I started dating I have always had a hard time trying to figure out what to get a guy for valentines day. Let's be honest it has always been geared towards women.It is so hard to find something for a man, most don't want flowers, a cheesy card, jewelry  a stuffed animal, or chocolates. The stuff that us women love. Well at least I do! I remember in high school I was dating this guy Jonathan and we hadn't been dating long and I got him this stuffed bear that he had commented on saying how soft it was. Well I had not yet given him his present yet and he hands me a gift, and says "Sorry its so lame, my mom got it for you cause I was sick yesterday". It was the same bear. Talk about wanting to melt. Just disappear. Well next year I got my boyfriend a CD. I don't remember what CD it was I just know that he liked it. Lesson learned. Do not buy guys stuffed animals.
Well after I got married I thought it would be easier to buy stuff for my Bubby on valentines day. It's not. Turns out I am still just as clue-less and we have been together for 6 years. I think. Maybe 7 you'd have to ask him I am bad with dates. Well anyways, every year I fumble around trying to find him something. I never ever feel like I got him anything good. Last night I went to Kohls to go get something for him and I come back and he says "You didn't buy me clothes did you? Because that would be weird" Well thankfully I had not. My husband is not the best at thinking before he talks. I bought him cologne. I think this is the second of six valentines that I have done this.
Well I can tell you that even though I am super un-creative when it comes to husband gifts, I have hopped on the "spoil your kids on valentines day" bandwagon! Although I don't think I went as crazy as some moms I did have fun making today special for my little loves. Maybe next year when we are not camping out in a hotel I will have more fun!
So what do you get a man on valentines day? Anything? Or is today just a day for women?


  1. We've never done presents on Valentine's day. We take turns planning a nice day for each other. And usually there are chocolates and goodies, but they're for general consumption. :) We don't do anniversary presents either though, so maybe we're just cheap. :)

  2. We normally only exchange gifts for Christmas. All others (anniversary, birthdays,valentine's, ect) we go out or do something at home. Yesterday he brought home bbq and we watched a movie after the kid was in bed.

  3. Valentine's Day IS for girls. Let him pamper you and attempt to be romantic. Just pretend he is doing a good job... A girl should just do something simple like a card, or a box of candy, a movie, or a heart-shaped pancake.

    You made me cookies, and that was enough. But I do really like the cologne!