Saturday, December 15, 2012

Top ways to re-purpose mens dress shirts

Recently it has occurred to me my husband has a lot of dress shirts. I mean way more than he will ever need to wear. In fact he does not wear most of them. So I have taken it upon myself to find a new use for these shirts. Once I started looking I found so many good ideas out there! I could not resist and HAD to put a list together! So here is it.
Have a little girl and want to make a super cute dress? Check these out!

polka dot dress
I read over the tutorial, there is not pattern pieces but it still looks so easy!
Here is a super cute skirt only using the cuffs and sleeves of the shirt so you can use the rest for something else! It looks a little hard but she has lots of instructions to guide you along.

misc 035
This one is great for summer weather. I have seen lots of variations of this one on pintrest some with the straps buttoning over, some with out pockets, some even had it gathered up at the top!
I love the sleeves on this one! She has a lot of math on her tutorial and kinda lost me in the beginning, but for those of you that are not scared off by math this one looks great too!
Here is another really cute summer dress, she has lots of pictures so it is really easy to follow! I love the pleating at the bottom, but I would make them larger just because those look way to time consuming for me!
work days to school days
This one is my favorite!! I absolutely love all the details on it from the pleating to the little bows. Un-fortunately when she made the dress it was night so she didn’t take pictures. So if you are new to sewing this may be a bit difficult for you, but hey you can give it a try anyways!
This one has lots of added embellishments that really change the whole look of it. I love the pocket on it too. The tutorial is easy to follow and looks like it would be quick to make this.
This is the last dress I have. It is also probably the most difficult but also the fanciest one. It has a great tutorial with it making it easier for you!

Ways to repurpose a mens shirt for a  little boy!
First off I have this uber cute little hat. It is size 0-3 months but it looks like it would be easy to adjust to a bigger size. I plan on making one for both of my boys!
Picnik collagems
Here she has two great tutorials, one for making pants and the other a vest on a onesie. I love this because I have two little boys and this would be getting the most out of the one shirt! Plus I love the thought of easy stripped pants!
This one is really not a tutorial, but she just kinda tells you how she made the sleeves into pants. More of just inspiration but still a really cool idea!

Men’s shirt into accessories
This is a cute wine bottle holder. I don’t drink wine but I still think it is cute and a clever way to wrap a gift! Looks really easy I would say takes about 30 minutes.
Last we have this super cute pillow! I love the piping around it and the pocket! It is so freaking cute.
So go raid dads closet and get to making some cute new things! Do you have another idea for a men’s shirt? Please share if you do!


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