Saturday, December 29, 2012

A picture review of our year

I think after you have children your life just goes by so much faster. I, like so many other people, can’t believe that this year is already over. It was filled with lots of births, firsts, lasts, and soo many giggles.

Beware cute picture overload after the cut.

January 2012-

My best friend since I was 12 and I were preggo at the same time!


Papa passed away and I went to my first funeral. We miss him so much everyday but I am so glad Dexter got to meet him before he passed.


February 2012-

My niece Avery was born.

Avery Serious


Dexter found out about pudding. He also got a new room and he got his big boy bed. He also started sleeping through the night!

march 2012 032march 2012 035

Dexter made a million messes. This was one of his more adorable ones.

Feb 2012 015

I decided to start sewing again.


March -

My parents came to visit and took Dexter to the train museum and the Okefenokee swamp. My carrier addiction began with my first BabyHawk. Dexter and I played at the beach almost everyday.



Thomas and Amber got married



Dexter and daddy re-seeded our yard. And Dex did not mind getting dirty. We went to the Nichols family reunion again. This was the first year Dexter really had fun with Easter. I loved watching him run around picking up eggs! I started getting really worried about not playing with Dexter alone enough so I took him somewhere fun every week to prepare for brother!




Max was born. Dexter became a big brother. Dexter decided he wanted to hold Max’s hand for the first time. I became a new mom again, and Phill got to be a new dad again. It was the best month this year for us!


June- Ate my own words and watched pigs fly, aka bought a mini van.  Both my boys got RSV. Took daddy to Medieval Times.  Watched Dexter learn to love Max and be a big brother.



July- Max got his baby blessing and a name. Went to Cape Canaveral, Dexter decided he loved spaceships and Space Monkey.


August- Dexter learned how to be Buzz Light year. I bought Max the coolest shirt known to Man. Dex met Llama Llama. The boys learned how to play a new game- put all the stickers on Max. Dexter turned two and had THREE birthday parties! Got to meet my best friends baby!


September- Dexter spent the whole month playing in the sprinkler, Max spent the month playing with mom outside. I tried to take Dexter’s two year pictures- I failed. Dexter learned how to paint and get messy!! Max learned how to hold his head up.


October-  Went on our first family zoo trip since Max was born. My family came to visit and I did my nieces hair. Dexter did this to Max. Went to Conner's Amazing Acres. Took the boys to an air show. Max ate avocado's for the first time. I put a quarter in a train for the first time for Dexter. Dex got his first hair cut. My parents came to visit and my mom made Max the cutest elephant costume ever! They got dressed up for Halloween. I made a wreath. They went to their first Halloween party. Max started looking under himself. They went to their second Halloween party! Wow that was a busy month!



November-Dexter leaned how to sell things. Max learned how to roll across floors into other rooms. We bought our Christmas tree and Decorated it. Went to St. Augustine and saw the nights of lights. Went to Cape Canaveral and saw the astronaut guy in the lobby. Jumped in more Puddles. Max ate his first thanksgiving dinner. My family came down and we watched the boat parade. Then we bought all the Christmas decorations we could at the Dollar tree!


December- The boys got to meet Santa.The elves followed Dexter around. Max was cute. Dexters best friend slept over (I was babysitting) and they were super hero’s! Max learned how to crawl and sit up. We had Christmas but I have no pictures so. I will post those later!


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  1. This post is so Cute :) It looks like even though you had some bumps in the road, your year was good. Congrats on the new baby, I became a new mom again this year as well - to TWINS! my hands are so full. Good luck :)