Monday, December 3, 2012

Blankie buddy review

I always love finding new toys for Max. I recently came across a company called Vitamins baby. After looking at their website I fell in love with their clothes and gifts! One thing I found particularly interesting was a product they call their Blankie buddy. I immediately loved the idea of a stuffed animal crossed with a blanket. I knew that would be so great for so many occasions. I love giving Max stuff to play with in the car, but as many of you know I am car seat crazy, so I don’t like to give him anything hard incase we get in an accident I don’t want anything to become a projectile and hurt him or Dexter. So I loved that it was soft and he could use it in the car. I also loved that its hands are small enough but padded that Max can chew on them. Its like a soft little teether for him. Another great thing about this doll is it is small enough that I can give it to him in his crib, not now but in a few months, and I won’t have to worry about him smothering on it. It’s enough like a stuffed animal for him to get comfort out of it but its not so big that I would worry about it covering his face. I still would wait a few months though.

Max really likes his Blankie Buddy. We take it on our walks, out to dinner, in the car and he plays with it at home a lot too. He really likes chewing on him. I think he also likes that he can get a good grip on it. Overall I am very satisfied with this product! I really enjoy having it.
Each set comes with two Buddies, so you can keep one in the diaper bag and one at home. Or even gift one to a friend!
Small and portable
Light weight for baby to hold.
Easy for little teethers to chew on.
Super soft
Many different buddies to choose from including options for boys, girls, or gender neutral.
I would like a more colorful option. But really not a big deal at all. They come in lots of bright colors for you to choose, it just happens the one we got was not.
Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely!
To find out more about this great company here is their website. Also check out their Facebook page and Twitter!


What is your favorite part of the Blankie buddy? Also check back next week for our giveaway to go live!
Also check out their facebook page for updates!


  1. This looks so adorable! Blankie buddy!! Will look this up for my upcoming dear baby girl :)

    Your Max is sooo adorable and cute!
    new follower here

    1. Thank you! I am doing a giveaway for one starting on the 12th of this month! Check back so you can enter to win one!
      Thank you for following me, I checked out your blog. And I have to say, you are the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen! I am glad I did not see you while I was preggo I might of cried out of jealousy!

  2. amy guillaume lindermanDecember 18, 2012 at 9:42 AM

    i like that the stuffed animal part is not oversized. sometimes attached toys are way too big.

  3. I love that each set comes with two Buddies. That is really neat. I would love to have one of these for my nephew.

  4. I like that it's easy for little teethers to chew on.

  5. I love that they are super soft...that is really needed for those little ones.

  6. Anything that is safe and works for a teething child is a plus in my book!

  7. Our daughter is OBSESSED with her blankie buddy. She can't sleep without it! But she sleeps 12-13 hours a night, so I can't complain! :)

  8. I like that they come in a set of two and are just the right size for a teething child.

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  9. I love the cheetah cat one....

  10. I like that there are 2 in a pack, so I can wash one while my baby has the other. They are also the perfect size for little hands to hold onto :)

  11. I like that each set comes with 2 buddies so that you can make sure to always have one with you

  12. Immaculate CopelandDecember 26, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    It is awesome that they are incredibly soft.It has the plushness of a bath robe. :)

    1. Immaculate CopelandDecember 26, 2012 at 4:28 PM

      I love them. My email is just in case I win. :)

  13. I like the Blankie Buddy cause they are just the size of a baby and so cute and soft. The buddy also is so darn cute and adorable! And might I add it is not too big for them to hold or to get over their mouth or nose for Safety!

  14. that they are the right size for my little one to hold plus their is 2 of them

  15. love that they are great for teethers

  16. They are a great size for little ones :)