Sunday, October 6, 2013

Towne Place Suites by Marriott in Chattanooga, TN Review

*I was not paid for this review, all opinions are my own*
We seem to be staying at more and more hotels lately. Some I could stay in for weeks and others I immediately regret my decision to go on vacation. Last month we stayed in a hotel with a room so humid I felt like I was back in South GA in July again. One hotel I feel like I can always know what I am booking is Town Place suites by Marriott. They are always clean, always a friendly staff and their breakfast is always about the same.
My in-laws recently invited us on vacation with them, and we decided to go up a night early. (its always easier traveling with the little's at nap time or bed time!) So we started to look for hotels. I started looking for hotels and when I saw the Towne Places suites not far away from downtown I knew that is where I wanted to stay.
We looked at our Marriott rewards I noticed we had a free stay! Total bonus!! I love not having to pay for hotels.. doesn’t everyone? Their reward program is a little hard to earn free stays, I am still not really sure how many nights you have to stay to get a free night. We stayed at a Marriott residence inn when we moved here for a month and some how we only earned two free nights. Kinda stinks in my opinion, I know some hotels are a lot easier to get rewards. So I was excited to see that we had enough points for one night.
So onto the review of the hotel! My first impression was wow! this place looks nice!! Out front they had a fire pit with a lot of people sitting around it having a nice time. The concierges were super nice too. Made sure we had everything we needed and when I asked if they had any local coupons she was so nice and excited to give me all the coupons they had and tell me all about the local restaurants! The customer service was amazing!
The room:
The room had a gallery kitchen across from the kitchen was a large walk in closet.
Another view of the kitchen. Notice the fridge is full size not a mini fridge! Also the kitchen had two electric burners.
90% sure the dishwasher is nicer than the one in my apartment. Oh and on the down side there was no free popcorn in my room! I know that sounds strange but there usually is in Marriott's and I love it and so does Dexter.
The AC was controlled on the wall not on the unit! Major plus for me. And it actually WORKED! I set it at 68 because hotel AC’s don’t usually work but this one did and the room was freezing! I stayed cold all night too I loved it!
The tv was in a kinda strange place next to the bed instead of in front of it but we don’t watch TV so that was okay.
Another little thing that makes a huge difference there was a night light in the bathroom. Meaning I didn’t have to turn the light on in the middle of the night and wake the boys up and go blind!
The bathroom was really nice too. We could of used one more towel but we have a big family. The shower had good pressure and was really nice. I didn’t feel like I needed to wear shower shoes in it. Plus it had a super cute curtain!!
Work station with more storage space! If I were a business person on a business trip I would love staying here!
The couch bed.  Nice couch not the most comfortable same for the bed. When it pulls out it didn’t leave much walking room and it was right next to the AC. So I was worried my 3 year old would be to cold but he seemed fine.
The king sized bed. COMFORTABLE!! I am a huge bed snob. the worst.

The breakfast area was nice but small.

I loved the workout room, I went at night so I had no problem with other people being in the equipment I wanted. But it did only have one elliptical so I could see how that might be a problem. Also none of the equipment was facing the tv, even though each had their own I didn't bring head phones. So it was a bit annoying.  

The breakfast area was a small hallway that was a bit crowded.

There wasn't a lot of seating but we were able to find a table. I loved that they had highchairs, AND bibs!! we always forget ours..

The pool looked really nice but it closed early at 10:30pm so we didn't get to enjoy it! 

Overall we enjoyed our stay and would highly recommend it to a friend! 

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