Monday, August 29, 2011

A dog party.

So I have been planing for Dexter's birthday parties, for months.  It finally came, and passed! I think it went pretty well. No children were hurt and Dexter seemed so excited to have all his friends there! This year we did a puppy dog theme, because Dex seems so in love with them. He always wants to pet dogs, every time we see one he has to point it out and shout "puppy!" We were so lucky to have all our family come down from Atlanta to spend the day with us too.

This is the kitchen I made little party hats for all the kids. They were made out of scrapbook paper and felt ears. Brittany made the ears for me. She is to nice! The happy birthday banner is a cheap 1 dollar one that I covered in more scrap book paper so it had the dog theme as well. Those balloons I bought from party city deflated by the end of the party! total waste of money! 

The toy room, all cleaned up! no decorations in here really just more balloons! Dexter loves balloons so I went all out with them!
The cake I made for everyone else, it came out a lot better in my head ;O)

Dexters smash cake! 

Dog bone cookies and veggies and fruit

The hats I made.
The living room.

Opening present. This was by far his favorite thing!

He sat on it the rest of the day! 

Cake time! MMM!

Kilo trying to help him with his cake.

Bath time after cake.

More gifts.

After everyone left he still felt like he needed to entertain us.

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