Wednesday, August 24, 2011

With motherhood comes craftiness

And I don’t just mean the kind where I pure chicken and give it to dexter with his other food.
Lately I have been working hard on getting our office to look more like an in home “studio” for our diaper business. I was tired of being embarrassed by the junk and clutter in the office and always having to apologize. So one day I went to Wal-Mart found a nice shade of teal in the “oops” section and got to work! I also decided to paint a chandelier we had got with the house that was ugly as some of the messes that Dexter makes in his diapers. I have seen countless number of these chandeliers out by the curbs, now I wish I had picked them up! A fresh coat of paint really makes a difference!  Here are some pictures of the office after:


This is the Chandelier before and this is it after!

I also found the time to make over Dexters less than admirable bookcase. Here that is.

I just added some fabric behind the shelves by stapling it onto the backing. I think it really helped! I bet right about now you are asking yourself “how does she find time to do all this and keep her house clean?”  I guess that will have to be my secret and I will never post pictures of my house.. hehehe
So onto the important now that you have read how great and wonderful my crafting has been lately.
Dexter is a walker. Well almost, he gets going real good then falls and remembers he knows how to crawl a lot faster and does that. But he can stand up with out holding onto anything and he can turn around. He walks like a dinosaur, but it is a very cute dinosaur. A Dexterasaurs. He has also learned how to climb. This was what I was afraid of. He likes to climb on the shelves in the office (after he has thrown everything off first of course!) and the coffee table. He has not fallen of anything, well he fell of my bed the other day but it was like this slow motion fall and then he just cried because he was scared so it doesn’t count. I am so not ready for the bumps and bruises that come along with a toddler!
So here's a videos of our little walking man.
Enter video caption here
This is what dad and Dexter do while mom fixes her hair:

He fit himself between the shelves on our coffee table.

Well we will see everyone soon!

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