Monday, October 3, 2011

Utah Trip part one!

Recently we got the chance to go out to Utah! I was so excited when I heard we were going to get to go. Everyone who knows me knows how bad I have been wanting to go visit since we moved from there when I was 8. The week before we got to go Phillip decided to scare me by telling me his business trip got moved to the next week, and we had already bought our tickets! We still went the same week we were planing but he just took a whole weeks vacation instead of doing things while he was off. It actually turned out great!

The first night we got there we tried to walk down to temple square from our hotel but it turned out much further than we had thought. So we ended up stopping at this amazing burger place. I think it was called hermies or something like that. All I know is it was so freaking good! Well we stayed the night in SLC and started making our frive the next morning to south Utah. We were trying to make it to Cedar City that night to stay so we could go to the canyons the next morning. I was really nervous about trying to drive so much with Dexter in the car but he was a trouper! He is still rear facing even though he is one just because it is a lot safer that way and I am not ready to turn him around yet, maybe when he is two. So driving long ways can sometimes be a challenge. He slept most of the time but we did have to stop about three or four times for him. Once in Spanish fork which had the nicest playground I have ever seen! It was amazing, although most of it was still under construction the rest of it was really neat. It was so beautiful there. Here is our pictures from the first part of our trip! (After the break)

Dex on the plane!

Finally off the plane and in the hotel

Our first day traveling. This is that nice park in Spanish fork.

Our second stop on the side of the highway some where.

Back on the road through the mountains.

Our third stop, an Indian reservation place thing.

drawings on the rock

Doing what he does best, playing with the dirt.

Look at those handsome boys!!

walking with mommy and daddy.

Passed out.

Our second day of traveling - this is  Kolob Canyons. 

That was our first two days! I will up date more later. Dexter needs mommy right now.

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