Monday, October 31, 2011

My favorite Holiday!

As many of you may know Halloween is my favorite holiday. It has been for years and years. Last year was Dexter’s first and my good friend Brittany made him an awesome costume.  She did such a great job!  This year however she has moved :O( .

Dex 2010 

So I was on my own for making my own costumes and coming up with ideas. Dexter’s costume was kind of easy, his dad decided he HAD to be yoda. So obviously he would be Luke. We bought Dexter's costume from it had super fast shipping. The sizing was all wrong though. The one I ordered was a 12mo but it was HUGE on him. The material was way cheap and honestly the only thing that was nice about it was the mask. and that was still only mediocre. I ended up taking it in over 4 inches on each side and hemming the bottom and sleeves it was still a little big but it worked for Halloween. Phill went to good will and found most of his costume some of it we had laying around.

Dex and daddy

So the question was what should I be? Princess Liea? Chewbacca? An android? Nah that was all to typical for me, plus I needed my costume to “reveal” more. Now many of you know I don’t mean skin. haha. So I decided to be a skeleton with some added features.  After searching the internet I knew what I needed I headed to Goodwill picked up some black pants and a black t-shirt. Went to Wal-Mart and got some fabric paint and some freezer paper came home and got to work. I found a picture of a skeleton had Phillip draw it onto my paper. I cut it out, ironed it onto my clothes and painted it. And there it was my masterpiece! I figured a lot of people would like this costume so after I was done I immediately put it on and told Phillip to get the camera and started taking pictures! Want to see what extra I added? Or have you already figured it out? hehe.

Here it is… ::Drum roll::

mommy and dex


Yep that’s right! WERE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!! :O)

I can honestly say I could not be more excited. I think this was a super fun way to tell everyone since we are so far away. My mom already knew somehow. A mothers intuition I suppose. But she did a good job and kept our little secret for a month almost! We found out while we were on our trip in Utah. I had a feeling because we had been trying and man driving through the mountains was making me turn green. That was the only bad part of our trip.

Okay back to Halloween. This year Dexter got to trick or treat. He could even say it when people came to the door. Our neighborhood is really bad about trick or treating though. Its like all the kids go at once not a few come at a time its just hoards of kids all at once. I hate it. It was much better last year at the Kramer's but this year they are in Utah so we were all on our own! Well I hope everyone else had a great Halloween and is now getting ready for Turkey day.

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