Friday, May 6, 2011

The many adventures of Dexter

This is how I feel about not posting in so long!056

Dexter is much better than me about showing his emotions! hehe. He recently inherited a walker from his Aunt Taylor and he got it stuck in the door way. He thought it was pretty funny and I couldn’t resist taking a picture, he made this pose all on his own! He really is the cutest kid in the world!!

So lately we have been busy. That is an understatement. but I am sorry I have not been keeping you up to date on our oh so very exciting lives!

Today is August 1st, in 26 days my little man will be 1 year old. I can not believe it. Its hard for me to imagine just how small he was! But I have pictures that prove he once wasn’t so big and didn’t always know how to crawl and hide in the cabinets! He would be better at hiding if he didn’t take everything out first of course but lets just not tell him that! Don’t be to afraid though he is only allowed in the tuppawear cabinet the rest are locked. This month we are preparing for his birthday party! It is official, I have become one of those moms that for so long I thought were ridiculous and well quite frankly stupid. I am about to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on his birthday. one he will never remember but at last I can not stop myself. It will be puppy themed and I even have a friend who might be able to bring over her dog! Me and her are even going to Joann’s and Hobby Lobby this week to buy stuff for decorations. I wonder if I could make him a puppy costume.. hmmmmmm.

Well in other non birthday related news Dexter is pretty much sleeping through the night! Except last night but there was a big storm and he was scared. So we let him sleep in the middle! We are also re painting our office so when people come over to buy diapers it isn’t quite so messy and non professional looking. And I just really like color!

I hate to say it but that is about all that is interesting in our lives right now! But I will leave you with some pictures!

Where has Dexter been you ask..

064 067074In the cabinets of course!!

036 Helping mommy coupon shop!

063 Re-arranging movies!

032 Taking out the trash? IDK he has coupons stuck to his but. I can see this one going on the wall when he’s 15 and being well 15! LOL

No new videos this time! Sorry!

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