Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first mothers day and Dexter’s shenanigan's!



These are the beautiful flowers my amazing husband got me!


These are the beautiful flowers Robin and Steve got me!

So my first mothers day was amazing. It started off on Friday, I guess just like my birthday day I get multiple days for mothers day too! Lucky me. So on Friday I got a nice surprise from the florist I got flowers from Robin and Steve! It was a nice way to start off the day and weekend. Then Friday night Dexter decided to sleep through the night! He is such a sweetie. Saturday I went and got my hair and nails done at On the Green, and when I got done they told me that the owner had comp'd the services and they were FREE! I don’t know how they knew that was my favorite price! When I got home we went to the church’s Spaghetti dinner and it was really fun. Saturday night Dex decided not to sleep through the night, but Phillip got up with him EVERY time! So I got two nights of sleep!! Sunday Dex slept in and I woke up to the flowers Phillip got me and a very sweet card. So I would say my first mothers day was perfect!

Enough about me though. This week we have decided to start giving Dex “big people” food, just chopped up. So far he is loving it! I even put Green beans in his snack cup today and he ate all of them! He is getting really good at standing up and in the morning he will walk around his crib holding onto the sides! I just hope he doesn’t decide to walk anytime soon.

Well today after his nap he decided to be a little pill! Here are some photos of my maniac child!

035 Right after his nap we ate lunch, and at first he insisted that he couldn’t touch it and feed himself. So he folded his hands and let me feed him. hehehe it was pretty cute.

036 That didn’t last long though. He soon got enough courage to fling the food around, not eat it though.

037 He almost got it but was holding the spoon the wrong way. When I took the spoon away he started crying and slapping his food. Then decided he didn’t want to eat anymore!

What do you do with a messy baby who has decided he only wants to eat half his lunch??

038 Throw him in the bathtub!  He enjoyed this for a little while until it was time to get out!

040 So after I got him out of the bath tub, which involved more crying this is what happened. Yes he is naked. He crawled away from me before I got his clothes on and grabbed the first thing he could and threw everything that was in it on the floor! It was a little funny and he wasn’t crying anymore so I let him play.

042 Apparently all he wanted today was to run around naked because after this I re-warmed up his lunch and put his diaper on him and he was a happy camper!

045 At least for a few hours… then there was more crying. (O: but he is asleep now! So it is all okay. I had a smoothie and it made it all seem better.

Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure:

Sgetti is nummy numms
Dancing baby!

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