Monday, August 13, 2012

Pennant banner tutorial!

For Dexter’s second birthday I really wanted to make him a pennant banner. I looked on pintrest and on Google but could only find one! It wasn’t exactly what I wanted and used way more fabric than I needed. But here is that tutorial. So I just looked at some pictures of them and decided that I could do it all on my own! I am venturing out like crazy now, sewing triangles onto bias tape without any instructions. Haha
Well just incase anyone else needs some help getting started here is what I did.
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5 coordinating prints/colors of fabric- 1/4 yard each.
Thread to match fabrics
2 packs of 3 yard double fold bias tape
sewing machine, ruler and scissors.
-This will get you 2 3yd long banners with 7 inch wide 9 inch tall flags.-
Getting started
These are the fabrics I chose for our train party.


First thing you are going to do is fold up your fabric length wise. So it is still nine inches tall but half of its original length. If you got exactly 1/4 a yard and you don’t need to draw on your fabric you can fold it so the print, or the “good”, side is up. In my case for some reason the lady cut all my fabric about 12 inches so I have all mine inside out because I was drawing on it.
Now that your fabric is folded, measure 3.5 inches over and draw a line or cut.


Next at the top of the first line you drew measure 7 inches over.


Then draw a line straight down from there.


Now you should have two flags! Keep repeating until you reach the end of your fabric. At the end there will be half a flag on both sides. there is no way to make this one whole flag so don’t waste your time, haha I tried!


Now repeat with the rest of your fabrics.


For my Thomas fabric I chose a plain size on the back since no one would see it and Thomas fabric is expensive!


Now sew down both side but leave the top open. I used my presser foot as a guide. You want to sew the with wrong sides together so either way you flip it you can see your print or the “good” side.


When you are all done you will have this fabulous stack of flags!


I don’t like the look of the raw edges so I took my pinking sheers and cut along the sides.


When all your flags are done lay them out and place them under the wider side of the bias tape.  Pinning them in place.



Once you have them all pinned into place sew them along the bias tape.
Then you are all done! and you have some beautiful pennant banners ready to make anything festive!



When I got to pinning my second one I realized I had bought 4 yard single fold bias tape so I used some scrap fabrics and ended up with 6 different fabrics. I hope it still looks cohesive and not to busy for his party!



If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you!
Tomorrows craft- Goody bags for the party guests!




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