Friday, August 17, 2012

The original Swaddle me wrap from Summer review

Let me start off by saying Max loves to be wrapped up. It is the sure fire way to get him to calm down. When ever he is fussing we just swaddle him and immediately he calms down. Don’t get me wrong, he still needs to be held and he does still fuss. But it always helps to swaddle him and he falls asleep much faster all bundled up.
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We needed a new swaddler because he just out grew his other swaddler. It was a two piece system where the first was a sleeper sack and the second Velcroed  on. The second piece kind of looked like a baby straight jacket to me. I hated how it had so much Velcro on it to. Nothing had laundry tabs so I was constantly getting this giant ball of clothes every time I would pull it out of the dryer. This is different however, it is just one big piece. Its much easier to use and its nice to having to worry where the second piece is.
Max is two months old and is 14lbs. He is wearing the size large sack.,I tried a small/medium on his and he was way to tall. I wish that they had three separate sizes and small and medium were not combined. I mean this one fits him great and all but it would be nice to know he has one more size he can grow into because this one only has a few extra inches below his feet. If Max is anything like Dexter he is going to get tall fast.
I like that this blanket has washing tabs. Like I said before my other blanket was constantly making a mess in my dryer. So the tabs are great and even if I forget to fold them down they usually fold themselves.
I also really like the material it is made out of, its very light weight and breathable. Our house is usually around 78 during the day so I like being able to use this and not having to worry about him overheating.
The only thing I don’t like about this is when I change his diaper I have to take the whole thing off and in the middle of the night that can be a pain. It would be nice if It had a zipper or something so his arms could stay swaddled and I could just get to his diaper.
This is what the blanket looks like completely opened
After the baby is in you fold this side over first.
The hook and loop tape is much softer on this than a lot of others.
Those tabs are how you close it. Notice the Velcro underneath it so you can put it together in the dryer and no dryer chain!
All closed up.

Max compared to the blanket. He wears a size 3-6 month right now, he is 14 lbs and I don’t know how tall. I am a great mother ;O).
Max is a very serious model.
It looks like his legs are all the way down to the bottom but really they are right at the top of the giraffes head.

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