Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Newborn diapers comparison.

So everyone is always asking me, what is the best diaper for a newborn that will last the longest? Well every baby is different and honestly you are doing pretty good if your baby fits in them for more than 3 months. Most will only fit about two months. The diapers I like best are mini one size diapers. The fit longer and you can stuff them with more things because there is more room in the pockets. But why take my advice when you can just look at Max’s cute fluffy bum!?
Pictures and comparisons after the Jump.
This is a new Capri mini cover by Swaddlebees.
At first I hated this diaper. I used an infant prefold in it. Maybe if I had used one of their specific inserts for it I would have liked it more but with my infant prefolds it was just to bulky, and I could never get a good fit. Now that he is bigger and on the largest size setting I really like it. It has actually become one of my “go to” diapers when they come out of the wash. I like the extra fabric above the hook and loop tape, which I did not like at first because of his belly button stump hitting it. I also like the double gussets and all the designs you can choose from. I do not lik the hook and  loop tape they used, it is like industrial strength and is hard to pull apart and night time changes always wake him up.
This is a Fuzzibunz size small stuffed with a prefold. Max is 2 months and 12lbs in this picture. I really like these diapers. He started wearing the right around 8 weeks, and they fit great, I can put a prefold in them for night time use or I can use the insert that came with them for a less bulky look during the day.
This is the same diaper, but here he is only 1 month old and around 10lbs. They fit but look a bit ridiculous on him in my opinion.
This is a Tiny Tush mini elite. Max is about 12 weeks and 13-14 lbs here. These are by far my favorite diaper. They are made in the USA. They have adjustable rises. They fit really well. He is 3 months and I bet they will fit for at least another month so I really got my money out of them! The inserts they came with are a flat microfiber cloth that you can fold however you want, so that is pretty cool. I have never seen that before.

This is a Swaddle Bees newborn all in one simplex. He is about 8-9 weeks here and 12 lbs. This diaper was my favorite when he was a new newborn. It fit great, had a lot of absorbency, and I never had to search for an insert! He has pretty much grown out of it now, but we got about 3 months out of it! The only things I don’t like about this diaper is that it does not have a Velcro option and when you dry the diaper in the dryer the insert gets all wrinkled up and is hard to get a good fit in the diaper.009
Same diaper, he was 1 day old 8lbs 10 oz.
This is an Apple Cheeks size 1 cover stuffed with an infant prefold. (Are you sensing that I really like using prefolds?!) Max was 6 weeks old and 12lbs here. I love this diaper. I love the print, it is by far my favorite print ever. I like that you don’t have to unstuff this diaper before you wash it. He has been wearing it since he was born and he still has plenty of room to grow.
This is a FuzziBunz xs. I did not really care for this diaper. It had a good fit but he started peeing through the diaper at about 4 weeks. The pocket is so small that you can’t even double stuff it. He also grew out of it in 2 months.
This is a SoftBums echo shell. Max is 3 months old and 15lbs
This is one of the only diapers I have ever considered to be truly “one sized” He as been wearing it since birth and I can also  put it on Dexter (2 years about 30lbs) They have a great fit, totally customizable. I love the hook and loop tape on them. I like that it is on fabric instead of just being by itself. It is easier to use and looks neater to me. I also like that it has a cross over tab. This is supposed to be a cover but since it has fabric on the inside I never get to use it more than once.
Want to see another diaper? Leave a comment and I will see what I can do!


  1. Thanks for your input! I used mostly prefolds and covers when my baby was a nb, which worked alright, but would've been better if I'd purchased one size up from the teensy tiny not-so-absorbant nb prefold size. I have a sweet friend who's expecting soon, so I've been trying to buy up some cheap diapers for her lately. Found you from A Creative Cookie. Have a great week!Following your blog via GFC.

  2. I wish I had bought a better cover because pre-folds and covers are my favorite thing!

  3. Aw, your boys are so cute!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I just followed you back! xo, Reannah

  4. Hey girl! Visiting from the blog hop! Come over and visit me today! :)

    I've really thought about cloth diapering! We spend nearly $1000 a year on diapers!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

    1. I have only spent around $1,500 to diaper both my kids. And I am done buying diapers! Well unless I see a really really cute one. Plus my 2 year old is potty learning right now! I love cloth diapers!


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  6. I love that cloth diapers are getting more popular now, and they are so cute!
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    Of Thoughts and Things

    1. I love my cloth diapers, I am glad I had babies when I did. I think if I had them a few years earlier I would of never known about cloth!

  7. you have a lot of practical information here! i am happy to be out of the diaper stages...there were 2 different points where I had 3 kids in diapers at the same time....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy friday!!

    1. I can not wait till they are out of diapers!!

  8. I've been out of the diaper game a long time, when did they get so fun and pretty? Thanks for the visit. Followed you back.

  9. I never did the cloth diapering...wish i had though
    Thanks for linking up at the Friday Chaos this week
    Have a nice weekend :)

  10. Following from the Friday Chaos blog hop. These diapers are really cute. I never knew they came in such lovey prints and colors.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am also a cloth diapering mommy with 2 in diapers. One of the first one size diapers that I loved for my daughter was a Grovia cover over small GMD prefolds. They were a lot more narrow between the legs than most one size diapers. Now that she is a bit bigger (7 months and 17 lbs) I love Flip covers over medium GMD prefolds!