Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless wednesday

Our Easter egg hunts. Somehow I did not manage to get any pictures of the boys in their Easter Sunday clothes. Probably because Dexter was crying the whole time because he woke up to early and only wanted to eat candy not go to church.. Oh well here they are looking cute hunting for eggs!
Our first egg hunt!

Our second egg hunt!

This is Dexters new "smile" face..

Max discovered sand.

It does not feel good in your eyes.

Lucky for him he has a good daddy!

Third egg hunt!
Fourth egg hunt

Egg hunt at home.
He had to wear the ears while looking for his eggs.

Checkin out his awesome easter basket.


  1. What adorable boys you have!!! Looks like they had a wonderful Easter! I may have to add Wordless Wednesday's to my own blog! I LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of your handsome little boys. I'm a new follower on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest :-)

    From your NC Blogger Buddie
    Autumn - My Kind Of Information

  2. Awww looks like they had a blast!!

  3. Oh wow! Looks like they had a blast! Love the sand, nut not in the eye...poor guy! :(

  4. What a way to drop the eggs!!!! Our kids have yet to do a big hunt maybe next year.