Monday, February 11, 2013

No harsh Chemicals review

When I first became a mom I did what I thought was right, I bought all the products that I thought babies needed. One of the things that I bought thinking it was the best thing for my baby was Johnson and Johnson baby wash. I mean everyone uses it and I got gifted like 10 bottles so clearly it was the best product. It did not take me long to notice my son was getting bad rashes and had dry skin. Thinking this was normal I lathered on the lotion and went on with my days. Finally I brought it up to my pediatrician that my sons rash was out of control. He constantly had dry red skin. Her first question for me was if I was using Johnson and Johnson, to which I replied yes! She told me to stop using it immediately. That was the worst soap I could use.
I was mortified. How could I have been using that for so long and never know? Sometimes companies are so good at masking all the chemicals they put in things it should be illegal. Well in the past two years since I found this out I have been constantly on the search for a better body wash for my kids. One big thing for having kids and needing to wash them is, it must clean them and get the smell and dirt off them! And two it must be “tear free” because well even water makes a two year old cry when it gets in their eye!
I had tried several different shampoos and body washes over the time but nothing that really stood out and made me feel like it was right for my kids. The I found out about this company, TruKid. I was immediately intrigued when I was able to read, and pronounce all their ingredients (well not the technical names but the names in the parenthesis) in their body wash! Another thing that really stuck out to me was that their body wash was Gluten free. I never thought about soap having Gluten in it. My friends son is very allergic to Gluten and this is something that immediately made me think “Oh I should tell Kara!” I love it when I can find a product I feel good about sharing with my friends!
When I received my product I was immediately pleased. The soap dispensers was a pump. That is something you don’t normally see in kids soap, but if you have ever cleaned up or had a bottle of soaped dumped on the floor by a two year old who needed to “help” it is something that you appreciate! I also loved the color of the bottle, a small thing but hey everything counts right? My husband loves the smell of the soap! Which if he commenting on the smell then you know its good!
Max and Dexter both have very sensitive skin so I was a little nervous to try it at first, so I used it first as hand soap and put a little bit on their arms, when there was no rash I knew I was ready to use it on the whole bodies. Dexter doesn’t get to have bubble baths to often because sitting in the soap dries out his skin to much. But I decided to give it a try and I squirted two pumps into the tub and gave them a bubble bath. I was a little disappointed about the amount of bubbles, but since that is not what it is really for it was okay.
After the bath they both smelled clean and fresh! Neither had a rash or any new dry skin. They both still have dry skin but it will take a while for that to go away. Overall I really love this product. I love that it smells good, is non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals, and gluten free. I also love that it is a natural product that does what it is supposed to and gets my boys clean!
The boys enjoying the chemical free bath:
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The wonderfull bubbly body wash!    This was all the bubbles it made
Max being a stud.                              Dexter had a lot of the shampoo in his 
                                                            hair and this was as bubbly as it got.

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  1. I was so worried about certain products too. I especially am choosing to stay away from Johnson and Johnson and Aveeno (which is actually linked to childhood leukemia) I am trying Burt Bees Wax. Maybe I will give your brand a try also!

    1. That's good to be choosey! Its also good you know before baby is here. I felt so guilty when I found out how bad and how many chemicals were in Johnson and Johnson! They also just took out there TOXIC chemicals in 2011, or started to anyways. Sometimes I can't believe what companies get away with.

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