Monday, February 25, 2013

A weekend visit!

So now that we are living closer to home it is so much easier, or should be, for people to come visit! This weekend my parents came for a short weekend visit and it was so great getting to see them! Although their drive here was anything but short (My parents posses this unique talent to make any drive take at least twice as long as it should. lol ) I think they still enjoyed seeing their grandsons. My niece also came and while she is 12 and would rather sit in her room and whine about nothing  stay home and be 12 she came too. I even saw her smile a few times!!

Even though it was super late when they got her Friday night we let the boys stay up and wait for them. I am sure Dexter would not have gone to bed anyways as he was soooo excited and kept asking where his grandma is? I am glad we kept them up too because they all really enjoyed getting to see each other!
Saturday we ended up going to the Childrens museum here, Dexter's choice of course! He was so excited to show them EVERYTHING. I really like that museum, its a lot of fun and has a lot for him to do. I also love that Max can do stuff their too!
I think Sunday we had the most fun though! After church we met up with my family and went over to green mountain. We have done a lot of exploring here since we got here a month ago but we had not been able to go out much because of the weather. But it was so nice Sunday! We drove up to the mountain and went on their trail up there. It was a pretty short trail to a covered bridge and log cabin. Dexter had a lot of fun looking for fish, throwing pine cones in the water, and running around. He actually wore himself out. He ended up falling asleep at 3pm and did not wake up till 8am the next day. Yes I went in his room and checked on him a billion times. I am so glad they got to visit!

 I am looking forward to more visits with them and the rest of our families. HINT HINT COUGH COUGH ;OP.

Looking for Fish!

Max and I enjoying the bridge and the sights. I love that I wear him so he gets to see what we see! 

Still looking for more fish. 

Dexter and his Papa. 

My dad and all the grandbabies. Even if one isn't a baby.

My dad bouncing Max on his knee. 

The most exciting thing, finding sticks. Bet ya didn't know those were outside.

The covered bridge.

Isn't he a cutie

He was telling me stories.

Max wanted to be a lump on a log as well.

He was tired.

My mom thinks if she covers her face no one will take a picture. but look at that mom, we still took it! haha now she is going to write me a nice email telling me to take it down.

It's a giraffe tree!! 

So that was our weekend! I hope everyone else had a good weekend too. :O)

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