Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Max is nine months!

Can you believe my newborn baby that I just had a few weeks ago is already nine months?? When the heck did this happen?! Monday. Seriously I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in that hospital room waiting for my little man to enter into this world. But it wasn't! 
So here's the latest on my Max:
He crawls super fast. Dexter never did this, he always had this strange one legged crawl and then just got up and walked because it was easier. But not my max! He is a crawling machine. His favorite place to go? The bathroom or a closet. He is always crawling towards one of those places! I have no idea why but he loves them. Although when he crawl on tile or linoleum he crawls on his hands and feet. Its to cute!
He can pull himself up. He loves standing up! He also begs for food from anyone that will pay attention. Its really funny if you have food he crawls over to you and stands up next to you and bounces while panting. Even if he just ate. Sometimes he takes the food and throws it on the ground. I guess he just likes to have it. 
We are still nursing and it is going great! I know we will make it to a year and not sure how much longer we will after that. I thought I would want to do it till two with him but honestly and this is vain I want to take diet pills. Yes I said it. But who knows. I know I will miss it, there were times I cried with Dex once I stopped nursing him. So I am sure I will get over my want to be skinny the easy way. haha.
He still only has the two bottom teeth but I think one more on the top is trying to bust out. 
He has started kissing. I love it! He only does it when I make a kissy face.
He is still sleeping in our bed. I am such a sucker!
Max has started talking in jibberish! He says MAMAMAMA- MAMA. and daddadaddad- dadda He doesn't quite say Dexter yet though.
Speaking of Dexter, the boys are getting along great now. Although we still have a problem with Dexter sharing his toys, pushing Max over, and riding him (because Max is  clearly being a horse) They really do love each other and I can tell. Its so stinkin cute! When Dexter wakes up from a nap he always wants to hold Max's hand. well really he wants to hold his hand ALL the time. And Max crawls around and looks for Dexter when he hears his voice. His face always lights up when he sees his face too! 
So now I am ready for time to slow down. I have decided I don't like infants. They are cute and all but THIS right here is the stage I love. I love how they interact and discover things. I love how excited he gets when I do the sign for pick up. I love watching him learn. I love how fat he is and kissable! GOSH I love everything about this age. I am ready to freeze time. I don't want either of my boys getting any older they are perfect. 

My brand new baby.    
One month- This is when I realized he needed to be adjusted. Look at that head tilt!
Two months

Three months. Look at that tan! This is when his hair started falling out.
Four months!
Five months!
Six months! He has started sitting up and is so alert.
Seven months! He was sitting up great and started doing his army crawl!

Eight months. He started crawling and laughing at everything!

My big nine month old with his big boy haircut. I miss his curls.

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