Saturday, January 5, 2013


I guess its time for me to make my 2013 resolutions. Well I have already made them but its time for me to put them in writing so that maybe I will hold myself more accountable to them if I tell other people what I want out of my year.

What I want for my boys this year:
  • I want to teach Dexter to be more of a gentlemen. Yes he is only two but I think it is important to start teaching him the little things now. Like always hold the door for ladies. I think he can do that at his age.
  • I want to start enjoying them more. In 2012 I got so overwhelmed with having two kids that I lost focus of what was important, and every day became about how soon dad would be home. I have realized that for me having two kids is hard, but I need to stop focusing on that and start having fun with them again.
  • I want to love on Max more. This week I have been watching him start crawling, and with that it has made me so sad that he is already 7 months. I feel like I need to push a pause button and just kiss him even more.
What I want for my marriage:
  • I want to go on more dates. I am so scared to leave my kids with other people that I can count the number of dates the hubby and I have been on since Dexter was born on my hands. He is 2 1/2.
  • I want to stop asking so much of Phill and start giving more. I have noticed I am so quick to ask him to do stuff for me but when the tables are turned I am so quick to grunt and roll my eyes. Yes I said it I grunt.. haha
What I want for my family:
  • I really want to start doing Family Home Evening more. Dexter is at such a fun age for this and we hardly ever do it. I want to really get into it this year and have dinners and activities that all go together.
  • I want to go on a family vacation. The only  time we go on vacation is when Phill has a business trip and me and the boys tag along. I want to go somewhere fun for no reason other than we want to.
  • I want to get more family pictures done. We still don’t have a family picture from after Max was born.
What I want for me:
  • I want to spend more time on myself. I have become such a frumpy mom. I always dress my boys so cute then walk out of the house with my hair a mess and no make up on. It has gotten to the point where people notice when I wear eyeliner now! EYELINER really!? I use to never leave the house without my hair and make up done now I am happy if I take a shower.
  • I want to start selling some of the stuff I make. People always tell me how good I am at sewing and how I need to sell what I make but I am just like my mom in that I will not accept a compliment. I always tell myself I am no good at sewing and I need to stop because I am good at it. I think I could sell the stuff I make I just need to try.
  • I want to feel healthier and have more energy. I am tired of being a couch potato, even though we don’t watch much tv I just sit around all the time. I want to play with my boys more.
  • I want to be hotter. I want to be one of those women that people other women see and say “HOLLY CRAP YOU HAD TWO KIDS?!” Not oh yeah you had two kids we can tell. I also want my husband to be jealous when I go out with the girls. Not that I would ever ever do anything inappropriate but I want him to have that jealousy of oh she is to pretty to go out without me. I know that sounds weird but we were watching something on TV about a husband that was jealous his wife was going out and he laughed at the thought of him feeling that way towards me. It was a little insulting.
  • Most of all I don’t want to get asked if I am pregnant at all this year. I have been asked if I am expecting at least 4 times since Max was born. even when I say no people still ask me if I am sure. So this year I will work my butt off well I guess belly till no one finds the need to ask me that.
  • I want to decorate for ALL the holidays. I love having cute decorations and I want to spend time making my house look how I feel about the holidays!
So this year I want a lot of stuff out of me and I am going to have to try hard but in the end it will all be worth it. At least I think so.


  1. Great post. Such good goals and very similiar to some of mine. Wishing you the best in 2013!

  2. Megan, saw your post over in the FB group, and just had to comment! You remind me a little of myself, although you've gotten your resolutions down, and I still have mine in my head. But I will be posting mine soon, too! Anyhow, I feel ya on a lot of those things. I had baby #3 a year ago and OH.MY.GOD, 3 is a handful. Hubby works on the weekends and it's just me with them (ages 6, 3, and almost 14 months). It's TOUGH. I have been spending weekends indoors with them too much and today decided to take them to the National History Museum here in the DC area, and I was yelling and cursing at them by the time the day was over. TOUGH, I tell ya....But you're right, we have to refocus on what is important (enjoying them) because they grow up too fast.

    And as for being frumpy, girl, get that sexy back! :) You will start feeling wonderful again! :)

    Good luck with your goals! And feel free to stop by my blogs, as well (ThriftDiving . com) and (GetYourLifeStraight . com)


  3. im like you i love to decorate and then i gain a lot of weight because of the-medical issue but i am losing them but wam i got sick and have bad bronchitis

  4. happy new year to you and yours... thanks for the nice blog!!!