Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Little Legs Review


My Little Legs is an amazing website and I am so excited to share it with y’all!

Recently I have become obsessed with baby leg warmers and have been searching for some high quality pairs, but still affordable! I mean isnt that what all mothers are looking for these days? Well, finally my search is over! I have found the perfect website. Its called My little legs. They  sell more than just baby leg warmers too!

I had a  great opportunity recently to check out my little legs’ leg warmers. They sent me four pairs to review. When I got the package in the mail Dexter helped me open it. I am not sure who was more excited about them! He loved every pair that was in the package and immediately wanted to try them ALL on! 

When he put them on they fit him great! They were stretched just above his knees down to his ankles. When I saw that I got nervous thinking surely this would not fit Max to! Dexter is two and Max is 7 months. But when I put them on I was instantly surprised. They fit him perfectly too. They were more scrunched but they were still so cute and they stayed up great.

After being washed and dried they still fit both kids great, held up great in the wash and did not fade! I am so in love with these leg warmers and plan on ordering more! They always have new styles coming in and have styles just for holidays! And they also offer a great discount for the more you buy the more you save! Not only are they leg warmers great but the company was so great to work with. They were friendly and shipped fast. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Now here for some pictures of some adorable boys in some adorable leg warmers:


Dexter likes to dress himself. He loved the Leg warmers because they helped him add “style” to his outfit. I am just glad he did not put two different ones on!


My little legs are perfect for any baby wearing mom! Unlike pants they don’t roll up so babies legs stay warm! They can also be put on the straps of your carrier for extra cuteness and drool catchers since most carriers should not go in the wash.


And of course My little legs are the perfect way to dress up any diaper! And protect little legs from floors while crawling!


Here is a little bit more about them:

Composition: 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Length: 12 inches

One Size

Approximate Fit:

Newborn to age 4- fits to the top of the thigh

Age 4 to 8- fits above the knee

Age 10- small adults- fits just below the knee or can be used for arms

***sizing recommendations are based on average sizes for age groups.***


One size fits both my 2 year old and 6 month old

Super cute prints and colors


Great quality

Can be used for more than just baby leg warmers

Great customer service on the my little legs website

Fast shipping



Would I refer this product to a friend? YES!!

Look for the giveaway starting soon!


  1. well the l ittle on like purple pink blue

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  3. These are the cutest leg warmers I have ever seen! Love them!! I think they are a great idea, and everyone should buy these for their little ones!!

  4. These are so cute and my cousins daughter will love thwm. Thanks for the great review

  5. very cute leg warmers.. thanks for the review

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