Monday, September 17, 2012

Working out 2 months

Okay so I have missed the past two weeks but really nothing to update anyone on. I have now been working out for two months, and I have only lost 6 pounds. I am really tired of going to the gym. I need some good motivation! Anyone got some? I also need a work out buddy, that would make the gym so much more fun.
This week I stopped trying to not drink soda. It is my weakness, my kids drive me crazy and I need it. haha. I have been thinking about joining weight watchers but I really am not sure I have time to count points on everything!Any one out there ever do it with two small kids? Is it easy to keep up with?


  1. I did WW a couple of years ago and lost 10 pounds. It got tiring after a while counting points, I just decided it would be the same thing as counting calories. Good thing is that I kept that 10 pound loss off after I quit WW. Relatively, it was pretty easy to do with the iPhone app. available.

  2. Thanks! I just don't think I can do it with two kids, I don't have time to count calories so I have no idea how I would have time to count points.