Friday, September 28, 2012

Max’s 4 month check up


This little man is four months already!!

More after the cut

Weight 15 lbs even- 50th percentile, he use to be in the 90th I liked having a fat baby! He was 15lb 5oz last week, but I had just feed him before they weighed him and he was a little sick so I am not to worried. He ate right after his appointment too.

He is 26 inches long- 75th percentile!

He got his first shot. the DTAP plus polio in one needle. I did not like it! I can not believe they give babies 6 shots before 6 months. I just don’t see how such a little body can handle that. I like our delayed schedule.

What can Max do?? He can play, follow you around the room with his eyes, GIGGLE!, he can almost roll over he gets up on one side then stops, and he is teething. What a big guy!

His brother he is totally in love with him and wants to play with him all the time!


  1. awwww 4 months =) he is sooo cute.
    stop by my blog anytime, i have a little girl xxx

  2. What a cutie!! Happy 4 months, little guy!


  3. Big boy!!! :)))
    Stopping by and following back from MMM Blog hop! :))