Friday, December 21, 2012

Has it ended yet?

So its 1 AM, and I am pretty sure the world was supposed to end by now. Although I am not 100% sure as I never heard what time it was all ending at. So maybe it is scheduled for later? 

Well world ending or not today I thought it would be fun to do things that I normally have been to rushed to do lately. And just enjoy my kids. I feel like lately I have not been able to enjoy them, I have just been rushing around getting everything done, cleaning and getting ready for something everyday. So today I decided if Dexter asked me to do something within reason I would say yes.
This morning we started our day off by Dexter waking me up super early (8:30 am eww) I asked him what he wanted to eat, and as surprising as this is again he wanted yogurt and cheese. For those who don't know this is my two year olds favorite meal. He loves dipping cheese sticks in yogurt. Yes it is really gross but he loves it so I let him do it. When I gave it to him I made myself some Cream of wheat. About half way through his yogurt he decided he wanted my cream of wheat, and since today was my day of yes I let him have it. and no I did not finish eating his yogurt and cheese combo. 
After that we got dressed for the day. Dexter wanted to wear an old pair of stripped pajama pants he found while I was switching Max's clothes to the 9months bin. Over the pajama bottoms he wore slightly to large shorts, and a non matching stripped shirt. Paired with sandals. It was bad. Really bad. but I let it happen. 
Then we went to lunch with dad, and as soon as Phill saw him he immediately asked him to take off the pants. Dexter said no and I told him just to let it go. At lunch I let him play with the sugars and equate. I also let him get salsa all over the table. I did not get mad at him when he refused to eat his lunch after having two bites. 
After lunch we went to Walmart to pick up 2 things, but Dexter wanted to go look at "Christmas" This is the section where they have all their blow up Santa's and Micky Mouse, and lights. Unfortunately they had already taken it down. He was super disappointed and I felt really bad that I didn't let him go see it last time. Then he wanted to go look at the bikes and touch the power wheels so we did that. Then when we were getting juice this lovely old lady started talking to Dexter, and well honestly not to sound to obnoxious but, he is really cute and talkative so a lot of people stop us to talk to him. Usually I just polity walk away after 2 minutes. But since it was the end of the world I let her talk to him for almost ten minutes. She was sad cause all her grand kids were grown up now. 
Well then tonight after his nap I took him and Max to chick-fil-a (Phill decided to spend his last night out with the guys watching the hobbit . ) and here is my big kind act, I let him play for TWO HOURS. yes two hours. I even sat in the loud stinky play room with him. and then as if that was not enough, I bought him a $3 hot chocolate because he wanted one. Its 70 here so I am not sure why he wanted one but I bought it for him and we sat down and since he was having a treat I was forced into have a milkshake. and we drank our drinks and talked about how he was buzz light year and woody. 
Then when we got home I put him in my bed and turned on toy story three. I really hate kids watching tv but I let him watch a whole movie tonight. Until dad got home then he kicked him out of our bed and turned off the tv and put him to bed. haha. Dad did not get the fun memo today.
So if it was the end of the world I think I would be pretty happy with how it went. I was good about not caring about the little things. I didn't care that there are clothes that needed to be folded or dishes to be washed. I just loved on my little babies all day. Although at the end of the day I still needed alone time, hence why I am awake at 1am. 
How did your last day go? Did you do anything fun?

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