Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Baby!

This month has been so busy! I can not believe all the things that we have done already. The bigger Dexter gets the easier it is to go do stuff. It is so strange how that works. It use to be so much work to just take him anywhere but now its really fun and getting easier. I know when he starts walking it won't always be this way but man this age he is at now just makes me want another one! I love all the stuff he is learning how to do and just watching him grow everyday is so amazing. I wish I could freeze him. I can not believe he will be one next month. It just makes me realize how fast time has gone by. 
This time last year he was still in my belly and I was hoping and praying that he would just come out early! I was so ready to meet him. I'm glad now that he waited though. What a fun adventure this last year has been. This last month has been great too! 
 Our friends wanted to go to the Temple with us so we finally got to go! There were three of us couples all with one kid so we got to switch off and watch each others kids. It was nice to go back, we hadn't been back since we got sealed.  It was also nice to go with other families. Their kids are within a month of Dexter so the kids all got to play together. Ki one of my friends daughters is only 2 weeks older than Dexter but she is still a big snuggler! I loved it. She just wanted me to hug her the whole time. I wonder if all girls are like that or if she was just trying to trick me into wanting a girl? hehe Here is a picture of all the kids outside the temple. If I could caption it I would call it "I love to see the Temple, I am going there some day" it's a primary song.

Well Dexter has woken up so I will have to tell you about the rest of our month later! 

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